Have you been looking for someone to walk alongside you in your leadership journey?

We love worship leaders!

You can feel much more confident and be more effective by

getting a coach with Ad Lib. It's a super-simple, 4-step process:

1. Schedule a free 30-minute coaching call by clicking here

2. Create a coaching plan with your coach’s help

3. Agree to the plan and get started

4. Breathe. Thrive. Grow. Smile!

Ad Lib Music is an organization of worship coaches that is deeply committed to eradicate isolation and burnout so that you bear much fruit.

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ONE worship leader that is isolated or burned out is one TOO MANY! Don't go it alone.

Get a coach...like this leader did!

How do we help?

1. Coaching Unit. [$175]
Whether it’s a coaching session, Leadership Consultation, Rehearsal Coaching, meeting with the elders, Observation, Broccoli (feedback process), or “Let’s get lunch” (where we talk about the coaching process, what your goals are, and how we’ll serve as discernment partners for their growth process)” - It’s usually up to 2 hours.

2. Service Evaluation [$500]
In three steps: the church fills out a questionnaire to begin the process, then a coach experiences a service, and then gives a report at a follow up meeting that includes quick fixes and recommendations.

3. Guest Worship Leading [$500]
As seasoned worship leaders, we model effective worship leading, train the worship team at a rehearsal, and give your congregation [and worship leaders!] a breath of fresh air.

4. Worship Team Retreat [$1250 per 24-hr period]
We lead times of worship, sharing, and teaching. You can pick the topics or we'll suggest one based on the team's needs.

5. Audio Team Training program [$1350]
This training is at your church with your equipment. It includes 6 training sessions: 2 group trainings and 4 individual trainings. You can add more individual training for $175 each. If you just want to try it out, you can start with a single group training for $325.

6. AVL Upgrade Consultation [$1500]
(How many churches have bought gear they didn’t need or didn’t buy gear they did need?) Ad Lib’s Audio Coaches will be the church’s advocate, serving as audio professionals with expert perspective not tied to “selling more,” but just to doing the job well. We will help you create a “needs list” to present to the potential AV companies, wade through the bids, showing strengths and concessions of each, and then walk alongside you through the completion of the installation as an advocate rather than an installer.

7. Year of Worship Leader Coaching [$2100 per year]
Twelve Coaching Units spread out over a year, focused on the worship leader. Can be a combination of Coaching Moments or Rehearsal Coachings. This is our main service.

8. Interim Worship Leader Program [$2750 per month and $3400 for months with 5 Sundays]
We serve as an interim worship leader, handling all details in planning, scheduling, communicating, rehearsing, and leading. We can also bring in a rotation of guest worship leaders.

9. Hiring Guidance and year of Coaching [$3300]
We help the church prepare to search, provide our Hiring Playbook, and then are available to support them in the process. Once hired, we coach the new leader for the first year.

10. Hiring Program and a year of Coaching [$6600]
We coach the church through a Christ-centered process in hiring a worship leader who is a great fit. We lead the process from the pre-search, posting, pre-screening, interviewing, and discernment. Once hired, we coach the new leader for the first year. Includes the $4500 Hiring Program and $2100 Year of Worship Leader Coaching.

11. Year of Worship Team Coaching [$8750 per year]
Includes 24 Coaching Units, 2 Guest Worship Leading times, 24-hour Retreat, a Service Evaluation, and 12 months of administration to manage the program.

Every church’s needs and budgets are different.

We also can create a Custom Coaching Program that could vary from $525 to $30,000 per year.

(All these prices assume there is a coach within 30 minutes of the church. For further distances, we add travel costs of the standard IRS per mile rate, currently 54.5 cents per mile.)

There's no pressure here. Only opportunity.

You can be a leader who leads fearlessly, who enjoys a healthy team, who is personally alive, who's life with God is growing.

You can be an Ad Lib leader. Talk with one of our coaches today. It's the first step toward regaining the life that God intended for you to lead!