Have you been looking for someone to walk alongside you in your leadership journey?

We love worship leaders!

You can feel much more confident and be more effective by

getting a coach with Ad Lib. It's a super-simple, 4-step process:

1. Schedule a free 30-minute coaching call by clicking here

2. Create a coaching plan with your coach’s help

3. Agree to the plan and get started

4. Breathe. Thrive. Grow. Smile!

Ad Lib Music is an organization of worship coaches that is deeply committed to eradicate isolation and burnout so that you bear much fruit.

The worship Fertilizer Book is here!

You might think of fertilizer as something you put in your garden or on your lawn. True. But a more accurate picture for what you’re growing in worship ministry is this: trees.

Trees take time. Lots of time. With regular care, trees grow into shade-giving, fruit-yielding, landscape-beautifying plants.

The Worship Fertilizer is a weekly email designed to encourage the hearts and equip the hands of the musicians, techs, and leaders on worship teams. Buy your copy today!

Perhaps you're wondering what it's like to work with us. Rather than a bio to read or a polished video introducing Ad Lib Music, we recorded this as a feel for HOW we coach and who we are as people.