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Music is the thread that God has used to weave together every part of my life. I started out as a professional guitarist at age 18 and spent three years traveling and performing. As I also began to dive into helping worship teams, I learned that God had used so many experiences to prepare me for this. God has used both great mentors and my professional experience to teach me the core foundations of worship along with intricate musical knowledge. 

My approach to worship begins at the heart. Many relational issues or pride issues occur with worship team members who don’t yet have the attitude of being servants. I teach them to be there purely to offer their talents to facilitate an atmosphere of worship. Many people plan and arrange worship services without a goal other than do a good job with the music. Not enough teams understand that instead of aiming blindly for “good” worship, there are biblical principles that God has given us to better understand our purpose in leading worship. My passion is in guiding teams in both biblical and musical foundations in order to create a purpose driven worship teams.