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I love Jesus and I love to help bring people into His presence through worship events and services. I’m simply a worship leader at heart.

My heart’s desire for ministry is to be a part of “fixing things that are broken” – broken people, broken worship services, broken ministries, broken churches. My life and ministry experience has trained me well for these tasks. If you need help in moving through a difficult situation in your church’s worship ministry, I can help! If you need help in figuring out what you can do to make your “already good thing” better, I can help! If you need a break from the weight of leading worship more often than your body, mind and spirit can endure, I can help! If you need someone to show you how you can reach lost souls and make disciples through your worship ministry, I can help! If you just need someone to sit down with you to help you think about where you want to take your ministry, I can help! This is my passion… this is what God made me to do!

I attended Millersville University (it was called “Millersville State College” when I went there), and also took a number of ministry related courses at Lancaster Bible College. My wife, Cindi, is an honors graduate from Messiah College. We have a son (Mark) who has an MBA from Penn State, and is a financial manager at Strategic Materials, Inc. in Houston Texas. He is married and has 4 kids. His wife (Joan) is heavily involved in a women’s BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) here in the Houston area.  Our daughter (Kyra) has a masters’ degree in communications, and is presently a Director of Marketing at the Caron Foundation. She and her fiancé also have their own business called “K to Z Careers” - a resource for folks who are looking for help with their resumes, and for marketing themselves in the job market. Kyra lives in Mt. Penn, PA.

Over the past 20 years, I have served as a volunteer, and also as a staff member at 3 different churches. I presently serve (in absentia) as the Director of Worship for The Church at Exeter, in Birdsboro PA.  I’ve been “on the front lines” and a key person as a few of these churches transitioned from one style of ministry to another (2 of them adding an additional service).

In addition to the presence of God in my life, the one constant is my wife, Cindi. She has always been by my side (literally!) in all of my worship ministry and in life, as well. She also brings a lot of experience to the table. She has 8 years of classical piano training, but more importantly for today’s ministry needs, she has learned to play keyboards with a band, which she has done since 2002.  While I play a little bit of keyboard myself, Cindi’s skill on the keyboard has been a super-valuable asset to me as a worship leader, and I have been blessed by the fact that where my knowledge and skills are lacking, hers fill in the gaps quite abundantly. We are a couple, and we are a team. I wouldn’t want to serve without her!

I am presently establishing a team of Ad Lib Music coaches to serve some of the many churches in the Houston, Texas area.

My hobbies include playing the piano and writing music, reading books on theology, and I also love sports – including just about any sport that has a ball, but I would say that I “specialize” in racquetball.

I’d love to serve God by serving you in your ministry. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office if you have any question about our services.