Rehearsal Coaching

Has anyone ever exclaimed "you guys sound like a band!" to your worship team?

(they should!)

Is your band in a rut?

Keyboard player hogs the middle?

Acoustic player beats the guitar at one volume?

Bass player is bored?

Drummer doesn't signal the sections or keep time?

Electric player noodles?

Singers all sing melody all the time, just not together?

And everybody overplays?

Well, maybe it's not that bad. You may not know how to fix what's ailing your band, or you may know, but you're in that spot where you're so used to a certain player's bad habits that you feel weird addressing it. Or you all just want to feel more confident and comfortable! We've all been there. 

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to come help you at your rehearsal! The fee is only $225.

So what happens at a Rehearsal Coaching? You have two options:

  1. Run the rehearsal with this format: Play thru each song once, Talk about where the needs are, Fine tune the songs.
  2. Run your rehearsal as usual without any input during the rehearsal, and then have a debrief time with the coach afterward. 

No matter what option you choose, your team will learn:

Listening to each other

Playing with Space

How to Groove

Playing with Dynamics

Best Tempo

Music Theory

Sign up! Click here or call/text (717) 468-6428 and we'll set up a date

to come help you at your rehearsal! 

Whether it's your worship band, garage band, or touring band,

you can have Ad Lib Music come to a rehearsal and get you create fantastic music!