OASIS - A Year of coaching

You’re on a long journey. It would be best if you had places to rest, retool, reorient, recharge, and relaunch for the next five to ten years of ministry. I’m inviting you to invest a year rich with growth experiences, camaraderie with other leaders, and retooling for the next season of fun, fruitful leadership.


We’ll kick off the year of Oasis in January, with a 7-day, epic, missional retreat in Costa Rica. Escape the cold mid-winter blues and gather with all the other leaders in Oasis to dive deep in worship, learn, share, pray, care for each other, and serve the local church, all while experiencing the natural beauty of Costa Rica.


For each of the following eleven months, we’ll meet via Zoom as a cohort of leaders. We’ll cover each area of your life and ministry to ensure you’re the best version of yourself. You can even have one-on-one coaching!


There are three tiers available:

Missional Retreat + Cohort = $1800

Missional Retreat + Cohort + 6 individual coaching sessions = $2850

Missional Retreat + Cohort + 11 individual coaching sessions = $3725

Or just the Cohort = $600


(for the Missional Retreat, everything is included except for the $300-500 airfare)



The Cohort

Most of the leaders I’m inviting to share this experience are veteran worship leaders. The churches they lead range from 100 to 1500, with many in the above 500 category. In other words, there are some voices of wisdom among your fellow learners. I’m not choosing you because I thought, “You need coaching” (although I wholeheartedly believe that everyone does!) I prayerfully thought about the leaders that I wanted to invest in personally in 2022. As the names came to mind, I thought, “Wow, this is a list of some powerful leaders with a lot of experience! This is going to be fun and fruitful.”



The Cohort Framework

This framework will ensure that every area of worship ministry gets covered thoroughly over the year. We have several questions for discussion and reflection and articles and videos for deeper insight and learning for each area. If you sign up for the individual coaching sessions, we’ll be able to make sure that every conversation addresses the priority issues you are facing, answers your most pressing questions (and often the questions behind those questions.)


1. Five Faders

Understanding and valuing the unique motivations of your team will solve many conflicts! The Five Faders (Artist, Shepherd, Priest, Educator, and Producer) will teach you how to be the best version of yourself, maximize what your team brings, and enable you to respond to what love requires of you with the ever-changing needs of your team and congregation.


2. Rehearsals

What do you think of when you hear the word “rehearsal?” Frustration? Waste of time? Pressure? Or fun? Confidence building? Joy? Ready? Can’t wait? We’ll take a look at your rehearsal culture and help you intentionally get the most out of it. We’ll also help you do everything you can to help your team be “Ready by Rehearsal.”


3. Identity, Intimacy, & Authority

You bring who you are to the worship leading moment. By far, the most important thing you can work on is your walk with Jesus. Discipleship develops daily. We must be growing in intimacy and worshiping offstage (where no one can see you and you’re not planning for worship.) We all must walk UNDER authority and IN authority. Understanding this unlocks levels of effectiveness and joy.


4. Musical Artistry

The worship leader’s role of band leader is crucial in leveling up on the beauty and power of the music you create. Understanding how music works, what each instrument brings, and how things fit together will help equip you to have more fun, make more compelling music, and more effectively create spaces where people can meet with God.


5. Relationships

With the foundation of the Five Faders built, you’ll implement those learnings to strengthen the relationships on your team. We’ll help you sort out those perennial trouble spots that drain your energy (like apps running in the background). We’ll help keep your team moving toward feeling like a family of worshipers full of faith to walk in freedom.


6. Visionary Leadership Skills

Everything rises and falls on leadership (thanks, John Maxwell). Thankfully, we can learn leadership skills, and we will cover the basics of good leadership. Leaders reproduce leaders. We’ll help you as you mentor new leaders.


7. Grounding (biblical and church history)

Do you understand biblical worship? Are you aware of your embedded theology? Do you know where your current church’s expression in worship originates? How has God worked through the years, and what does that imply for the future? We’ll help equip you to teach your team and congregation as you disciple them in worship.


8. Growth (team and depth)

Your current team is too small. You want it to be a disciple-making machine! And they’ve individually and collectively stayed at the same level of musicianship for too long. We’ll help inspire you to equip your team and help them gain confidence. A growing team is an attractive team. We’ll help you eliminate the common barriers to adding new members.


9. Planning and Scheduling

As we walk through your planning rhythms, we’ll find ways to be efficient, improve music rotation, increase congregational and team engagement, and personal joy. We don’t like scheduling anymore than the next guy or gal. But it doesn’t have to be a chore.


10. Technology

Technology is the final filter all your efforts have to go through. We’ll help you increase synergy between the stage and the booth. We can help you think through changes or upgrades. We’ll help you create a long-range plan while getting the most out of what you have today.


11. Communication and Culture

Brené Brown says that clarity is kindness. We agree. Your team needs to hear from you regularly. And not just who’s singing the harmony of the bridge on What A Beautiful Name. Where are we going? Why do we do this? When’s our next training or team event? Also, creating a culture of feedback will help your team grow each week. We call it “Broccoli.” (because only true friends will tell you if you have broccoli in your teeth!)




The OASIS Missional Retreat SCHEDULE – January 20-27, 2022

Thursday - Travel day

Friday - Service project during the day, worship and debrief in the evening

Saturday - Help give a seminar to local worship teams in the morning, rehearsal for Sunday in the afternoon, and sharing and debrief in the evening

Sunday - Lead worship at local church, afternoon in the homes of Ticos (optional)

Monday - Worship intensive retreat with training sessions, deep worship, and personal ministry

Tuesday – Day of recreational, local cultural experience, worship and debrief in the evening

Wednesday - Travel day



About the Missional Retreat

Tucked away in the highlands of Costa Rica on a 25-acre farm, Pasteje plays host to worship teams, leaders, pastors, missionaries, and families. The leaders will gather from different churches and cities to seek God, kindle the flame afresh, laugh, eat, grow, and expand their perspectives.





Can I bring my spouse to the Missional Retreat?

The last thing we want to happen is for you to experience a restorative time in Costa Rica and leave your spouse back in winterland, so, of course, they can come with you. The cost is $385, plus airfare. They are free to participate as much or as little as they’d like, and the Day of recreational, local cultural experience costs, and all meals/lodging are included.


What are the accommodations for the Missional Retreat like?

Pasteje has three bunk rooms that sleeps 32 with a bathrooms below. The bathrooms have hot water showers, toilets, and sinks. It’s not glam, having your morning coffee on the fifty-foot deck overlooking the property will compensate for the simplicity of the lodging.


What are the requirements for travel to Costa Rica?

You need a current passport (up to $110) that does not expire within six months of the return trip. (it’s taking several months to get a new passport, so do this TODAY!) If fully C19 vaccinated, you need proof of vaccination. If not vaccinated, you need to purchase travel insurance that covers lodging in case of quarantine or medical expenses due to C19 (less than $50). You will also need to include the simple digital form called HEALTH PASS within 72 hours of flying to Costa Rica. You will also need a negative C19 test to re-enter the US regardless of vaccination status. ($50)


What if I don’t do manual labor?

Our service project will be sure to include something you feel comfortable doing; building/remodeling a home, visiting with lonesome people, landscaping/trash pickup, food prep, bible distribution or, something else.


Can I drink the water in Costa Rica?

Actually, YES! We also recommend it be boiled and poured over fresh-roasted coffee beans. 


What will the “day trip” be?

We will have both more and less adventurous options that can include: whitewater rafting, ziplining, sight-seeing, volcano, beach, hiking, waterfalls, or coffee/chocolate farm, etc.


Can I break up the payment?

Yes, you can pay for the retreat in 2021 and the rest in 2022. You can also get creative about pulling from multiple budget categories (worship, missions, etc.) and/or even raising funds.


Do I have to speak Spanish?

Not at all! We will have translators whenever they are required.