Sunday's comin'... again!

You need a great worship leader.

  • Maybe you're going to be replacing your current worship leader in a few months and want to make sure the transition goes smoothly.
  • Maybe you're already searching for a worship leader and the hiring process is taking its time and you don't want the team to come apart at the seams.
  • Maybe a tragedy has created a leadership vacuum and you're scrambling to get this Sunday (and the next six months of Sundays) covered.
  • Maybe your team needs the stability of a single point of contact among your volunteer worship leaders. Someone who knows what it's like and has the skill to keep the team together on the path forward.

Ad Lib can provide everything you need.

We will create momentum during a time of leadership transition by supplying appropriate guest worship leaders each week to maintain a quality, worshipful experience until a new staff is hired. (rather than it being added to someone else's plate!) But not just that.

As the single point of contact, the teams can come to us with questions - tech questions, relational issues, scheduling conflicts, sheet music, recordings, leadership frustrations, recipes for team meals :), anything!

We will also coordinate with the guest leaders with details for song choices, chord charts, recordings, etc., orient each leader with the worship culture, band makeup, service flow, etc. We make sure all the resources are available in Planning Center Online for each week.

Think of us as a Virtual Worship Pastor!

Monthly Cost: Starting at $2150 (in Lancaster, PA) or $4150 (in the rest of the continental US) It's basically $450 per week plus travel. Please contact us for an exact quote.

Scheduling your entire band/tech teams is also available for an additional $150 per week. We handle all communications in Planning Center Online and last minute schedule changes. 

“I have found in Ad Lib a rich resource for providing short-term coverage for Sunday mornings, as well as helping us through seasons when we were searching for a ‘permanent’ worship leader. They have connected us with worship leaders and musicians and helped us think through what is needed for our worship service at any given time. Our coach is not only a tremendously talented musician; he has a deep grasp of the nature of worship, shows extreme sensitivity to our particular way of worshipping, and interacts with others in a pastoral manner, nurturing younger musicians by teaching and example.”

– Mike Alleman & Andrea Brown, Pastors, Grandview United Methodist Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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