Audio Training

You probably don't need new gear. It's your audio techs that need training. (If you DO need new gear, scroll down)

Seminars, online videos, podcasts, and forums are great. But when you are back in your sanctuary with your gear and your techs...have you ever felt stuck? Well, finally there’s help for your Audio Team! We are so excited to have put together a training course for audio techs that brings us to your church! You can invite as many of your team as you’d like and even people who aren’t serving yet, but are interested. 

I’d love you to bring Tony in to do an audio training course for your techs, no matter where you are located! Here's some of what your team would receive from Tony:

  1. An audio engineer that is not only a great engineer, but more importantly a great teacher (they are not usually the same)
  2. Tony's approach is one that builds unity between the stage and the booth. He'll model honor and clear communication as he interacts with the band.
  3. Tony's enthusiasm for music gets imparted to the techs, making their mixes more musical (which is often a huge lack among church techs)
  4. Because we also help churches make the most of they current systems and serve as unbiased consultants when you're need upgrades (we don't typically sell stuff, but rather serve as the church's in-house expert), he'll help you maximize your current system and will be there years down the road when you need to upgrade.

Here’s what it’ll look like:

Two Group Training Sessions with your whole tech team and Four Individual Training Sessions with your techs!

Group Training #1

A 2-hour training session at your church where you’ll learn the basics of signal flow, gain staging, equalization, and the heart of the sound tech’s job. Resolution of some of your current issues so you’ll get some “quick wins.”

Group Training #2

A second 2-hour training session at your church where you’ll learn Best Practices of monitoring, mics, mixing, troubleshooting, etc.

4 Individual Trainings

Each tech will receive an individual training session during a weekly rehearsal, where you’ll have the chance to ask very specific questions and receive real mentoring where each tech needs it most.

And remember, this is at your church with your equipment and your band!

Call/Text (717) 468-6428, email,

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How much does it cost?

$1650 includes 6 training sessions: 2 group trainings and 4 individual trainings. You can add more individual training for $225 each. If you just want to try it out, you can start with a single group training for $375. 

If the church is more than 45 minutes away from Lancaster, PA, the standard IRS mileage rate is charged. This is usually about $100 per hour of travel. (if you’re out of state, let’s talk!)

Audio Coach

Tony Guyer is an Engineer, Producer, and Pro Tools Instructor. In addition to being an Audio Coach with Ad Lib Music, he's an Adjunct Professor of Audio at Lancaster Bible College, and recording engineer and owner of Forgotten Genre Productions. He was the Road Manager for Sixpence None The Richer, Smalltown Poets, Waterdeep, and the Monitor Engineer for The Waiting. He plays bass guitar at Crossway Church.

Call/Text (717) 468-6428, email,

or click here to set up a free appointment.

Here's a PDF you can share with your church board.

“Tony did a phenomenal job and our volunteers learned so much! Just in the two group sessions we had, we can definitely tell a difference in how our volunteers have been mixing on Sunday mornings.”

- Nick Cummings, Director of Worship and Arts at Abundant Life Church in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

“Ad Lib’s Audio Training is a great training program that is tailored to your specific needs with your church’s equipment. Tony is a great guy that is willing to setup a program to teach the techs how to better serve God through their technical abilities. The courses are great for the beginner and the experienced tech person, everyone will walk away feeling they are serving God and their church more effectively.”  

– Robert Good, Lead Tech at Grandview UMC in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Upgrading your equipment?

Ad Lib’s Audio Coaches will be the church’s advocate, serving as audio professionals with expert perspective not tied to “selling more,” but just to doing the job well. We will help you:

  1. Create a “needs list” to present to the potential installers (sound companies)    
  2. Wade through the bids, showing strengths and concessions of each    
  3. Walk alongside the church through the completion of the installation as an advocate    
  4. Train your audio techs not just on how to use the new equipment, but on how to run sound

Goal 1: A well-thought-out, surprise-free installation of upgraded audio, video, and lighting (AVL) systems

Strategy: Rather than being the contractor who does the installation, we will help you think through the process and foster good communication with installers. We’ll help you think about what you want and how realistic it is to do, and then help you realize your goals. You are welcome to request quotes from any installers you’d like and we are able to give you recommendations if you’d like us to.

  1. Provide a questionnaire for you to get clarity on the scope of your needs for the upgrade.
  2. Visit the church to see the space.
  3. Attend meetings as needed
  4. In addition to being available by phone and email, we can speak and/or meet with your installers.

Goal 2: Having honest answers at every decision point.

Strategy: We have no skin in the game, nothing on the line, except for our reputation in giving you the best advice and a strong desire to support your mission. We’ll evaluate what your installer is recommending.

Strategy: Have a qualified professional on your side to help you navigate the execution of the plan. We will offer our time-tested insight. We can sit down at the table with each of your installers, so that you’re not alone there.


Goal 3: Well-trained operators once the installation is complete.

Strategy: Beyond just receiving a generic blueprint of how the system is configured and how to turn it on, we’ll provide comprehensive Audio Training for all your operators. This will give them much insight into the science and art of “running sound” well beyond what the installers will provide. We will hold two group training sessions and four individual training sessions at a rehearsal for individual attention for each operator.


Fees: For goals 1 and 2 the fee is $1500. For goal 3, the fee is $1650.