WElcome to Ad Lib Music

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During this time of unusual opportunity, we are offering two free resources via video:

  1. Worship Coaching Session
  2. Electric Guitar Lesson

Just specify which one you'd like. Click here to schedule. No strings, just real help. And love.

For the Worship Coaching Session with Coach Dave, you can set the agenda, ask whatever questions you have, get to know a fellow worship leader, be encouraged, and gain some perspective on this time.

For the Electric Guitar Lesson, Coach Jim will tailor the time to your needs, but here are some things he could cover:

  • Learning the fretboard
  • Using swells, beyond the chord progression
  • Creating Soundscapes
  • Picking techniques
  • Creating ambience that’s not just swells
  • Maximizing your current gear (I’m almost positive that you’ve got all the gear you need to get the sound you want)
  • Learning to use notes outside the chord - they're WAAAY important... and they don’t have to be scary
  • Dissecting “the why” helps make learning parts easier

We'll also be having group video chats with worship leaders. The first Worship Fertilizer Community Zoom will be Friday the 20th at 10:00 AM Eastern. Join free here.

Have you been looking for someone to walk alongside you in your leadership journey?

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getting a coach with Ad Lib. It's a super-simple, 4-step process:

1. Schedule a free 30-minute coaching call by clicking here

2. Create a coaching plan with your coach’s help

3. Agree to the plan and get started

4. Breath. Thrive. Grow. Smile!

Ad Lib Music is an organization of worship coaches that is deeply committed to eradicate isolation and burnout so that you bear much fruit.