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Hi, I’m Loren and I love the local church. For thousands of years it has been the primary setting where a community gathers to worship and encounter God, transforming both themselves and their community into His image. Helping people worship and helping worship leaders is God’s calling in my life.


My unique skill set lets me assist you in a multitude of areas. Being a contemporary worship leader, choral director, and professional trombonist, gives me the opportunity to speak to all disciplines of music and musicians. Since 2002 I have had the opportunity to lead worship at churches that vary in style from liturgical to spontaneous, in size from 80 to 2,000 people, and in instrumentation from choir and orchestra, contemporary bands to the latest iterations, which include electronic and track based set-ups.


Being a worship leader is more than singing a few songs on Sunday morning. I’ve been there, swimming in reports and tasks that take up most of the week. Let me show you how to implement systems that will give you the time to be creative and effective in your ministry.


The Audio/Visual aspect of the local church is already important but will become increasingly important with time. I can help you navigate this utilizing the best technology that fits your style and will meet your needs for years to come. I have overseen over A/V projects ranging from changing out projectors to complete sanctuary overhauls.


Lastly and most importantly is the heart. If that is not right with you and your team, even the best guitar solo in the world becomes just noise. We need to lead our teams and church in more than just music, some of my most effective rehearsals were spent in prayer. Working together, we will look at more than just the practical side of leading worship but also the spiritual side as well, building more than just a talented music program, but first and foremost making disciples.

Loren, Lizzy, and baby Gabe are based in Columbus, Ohio.