John Di Giovanni

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It is my mission and calling to raise up and train worship leaders through encouragement and relationship. As an ordained worship pastor, it is my joy to see others able to grow and learn from my years of experience in worship leadership.


In leading worship, my one aim is to set an atmosphere where people of all walks of life can experience the presence of God. 


I got my humble start building a youth band when I was 18 years old. From then on, worship leadership has been a part of my DNA, and my vocation since 2004.  I have led worship in churches ranging from 100 members to 3,000+, all varying in worship styles. I have seen explosive growth as I watched the church where I was leading worship double in size within the span of a year.


I currently lead worship at The Bridge Church in Bradenton, Florida. I place great importance on building up a sense of community and servant leadership in my teams. I cannot expect my team to follow if I am not leading by example, and I cannot expect them to care about the team unless I am investing personally in their lives.


My technical skills include vocals, audio mixing, and electric and acoustic guitar. I have coached and built up musicians of all skill sets and backgrounds. I am fluent in both Spanish and Italian.


I live in Lakewood Ranch, FL with the two loves of my life, my wife, Rachel, and our fur baby, Honey.  Though it can be a struggle at times, we are patiently awaiting the day the Lord decides to entrust us with a child of our own, whether born of flesh or born of love. Whatever happens, we will not veer from the course nor stray from the calling He has placed on our lives.