Hello Pastor

As a Pastor, you're faced with...so much! I'm not sure your congregation really gets how broad and diverse your responsibility is. So thank you! And thank your for coming to a "Worship-focused" website. It shows that you care about your leaders and your congregation. Speaking as a worship leader, we need you and we honor you!

Is your church in decline or just not growing? (healthy things grow, after all) If you had a problem, would you want to know about it? You can have a worship coach visit your church for a Sunday service to give you objective perspective on your service. Click here for details.

Do you have a contemporary service that is failing (or failed)? 

Does your worship leader just not connect with the congregation?

Are you trying to choose a new sound system, but you're not sure if you can trust the salesman and need an outside, unbiased, professional opinion?

You may also be asking...

  1. Who can mentor my worship leaders to take their leadership to the next level of effectiveness?
  2. Can you train my church's audio team?
  3. My worship leaders never seem to get a break from leading. Can you supply a Guest Worship Leader?
  4. I've been here for a while. Can you evaluate our service from an objective perspective?
  5. I need to hire a new Worship Pastor. Can you help me with that?
  6. I'd love to have helpful input to pass along to our worship teams. Where can I find good content to share?
  7. What have other churches said about working with Ad Lib Music?