Combined Worship Leader Lunch with John Di Giovanni - Friday the 16th at noon at Oregon Dairy

We have the opportunity this Friday to have our vision expanded, our hands strengthened, and our souls encouraged!

Most of us are in churches somewhere between 75 and 1100. We face challenges of

  • Recruiting new team members
  • Leading the team well
  • Creating systems
  • Staying fresh personally

Would you value having lunch with a leader who has been on staff with churches that have grown in relatively short times from 75 to 500 and 150 to 1100? John Di Giovanni is Ad Lib Music's newest coach and is up from Florida for this weekend. (I call him "Explosive Growth John" because just in talking with him, you get the feeling that what he gets involved in grows fast.) I wanted a chance for y'all to meet him and be inspired by him.

We have reserved seats for the first 15 leaders that RSVP to our combined worship leader lunch this Friday, February 16th at 12:00 noon at Oregon Dairy Restaurant, 2900 Oregon Pike, Lititz, PA.

Maybe he'll make you laugh, maybe you'll just enjoy lunch together, maybe your worship ministry will be strengthened. I hope all three! Will we see you there?

Email to register.

ps. It's ironic that there is a dysfunction in the Church: leaders get together and instantly have a contest about the size of their churches. It is not only ridiculous, but it degrades the faithful serving of leaders, who have given their lives for years without numerical growth. This is easily could've sounded like the typical "bigger is better (and 'right-er')" banter that I can't stand in marketing. A better way of saying it could've been "Here's John...he has exhibited faithful leadership in helping churches grow." Certainly not as flashy as "75 to 500!" And I guess having the context for what someone's experience has been gives light to what their frame of reference is and what skill set they may have that would be helpful to our own growth. It's a tension, to be sure! :)