I am a creator. I am an innovator. I love to walk alongside others and help develop a solution to their problem. I am passionate about analyzing the situation and discovering the underlying barriers preventing you from accomplishing your goals. I believe in diversifying and am so thankful that God has given me many opportunities to develop my skills to serve others. 

Resolving the conflict at hand may be your priority, but my approach is to uncover the underlying assumptions and culture driving the conflict in the first place. God has given each of us a heartbeat to pursue our goals with passion. When an individual’s values do not align with the organization’s goals, I believe they may need some realignment. I want to help both the individual and the organization to establish the goals and values clearly and strive to create a culture of unity that overcomes all barriers in pursuit of giving all of the glory to God. 

I have been passionate about music since I was in middle school and have been blessed to have been trained and mentored by many skilled individuals. Taking those passions to pursue a degree at Lancaster Bible College, my professors encouraged me to continue to broaden my skills and understanding so that as a leader, I might be relatable to each person on my team. Diversifying in this way, by gaining the knowledge to navigate all of the band instruments as well the technical side of worship, also gave me the ability to quickly navigate situations and develop a solution by understanding the context of each individual involved. 

My wife, Brianna, has grown up in ministry her whole life as a Pastor’s kid, and we aim to seek Christ as we raise our three children to serve Him through music as we are both passionate about doing. Striving to worship to an audience of one is crucial for overcoming the worship wars that can be developed by pursuing our desires instead of His. As the body of Christ, we must be willing to lay aside our preferences at the door for the common purpose of bringing Him all the glory and honor. He alone is worthy of it all.

Contact me at Chris@adlibmusic.com.