Nothing says it like the leaders and churches that we've worked with!

  • Cypress Bible Church in Cypress, Texas

    I wanted to thank Josh and Kevin for their work with our team in preparation for last Sunday. The experience was both refreshing and joyful, and there were a number of congregants that commented about how good the service was on Sunday. We appreciate the way they made an effort to get to know our team and our church to utilize our skill sets in a way that brought out our best to God's glory.

     Bonnie M.

  • Community Evangelical Church, Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania

    "We were privileged to have Dave Helmuth speak at our worship retreat this past fall on the topic of the Five Faders. As he spoke, each musician or technician saw themselves strongly fitting within one or two of these categories. I loved how Dave asked us questions about our worship or how we relate in worship and had us respond representing our particular fader.  It’s as if our eyes were open for the first time to see and understand each other and how we could work better as a team. It has encouraged me as their leader to find ways to utilize these strengths as we minister to each other and our church family more effectively. I can’t recommend Dave and this teaching enough."

    – Karen Blanchard, Worship Arts Director (and Grammy Award winning artist!)

  • Abundant Life Church in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

    “Audio Coach Tony did a phenomenal job and our volunteers learned so much! Just in the two group sessions we had, we can definitely tell a difference in how our volunteers have been mixing on Sunday mornings.”

    - Nick Cummings, Director of Worship and Arts

  • First Presbyterian Church of Reading, Pennsylvania

    "As a solo pastor in a small church with limited resources, the best aspect of the Ad Lib experience was the fellowship and camaraderie of like-minded co-laborers in the gospel. Ad Lib wasn’t your typical consultant, in for a weekend and out again. They were invested in the process, committed to the success of the ministry, and willing to go the extra mile."

    - Dr. Chris DiVietro, Senior Pastor

  • First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    "My coaching was a wonderful experience. He gave excellent advice and guidance. I felt like I was given great constructive feedback and the support necessary to actually follow through on correcting and improving my leadership skills. It was important to me that I was connecting with my worship team on a spiritual level and building them up in their walk with the Lord. I received a lot of help and practical solutions for moving forward with those goals. I felt encouraged and challenged through the whole process and I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Ad Lib."

    – Liz Bond, former Worship Director

  • Newport Dove, Elm, Pennsylvania

    “Now that our search for a worship leader with Ad Lib Music has come to a successful conclusion, I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was working with Theresa. She communicated with us quickly and clearly, attended many meetings and led them well, screened candidates with thought and wisdom, and so much more. Our use of Ad Lib was worth every penny spent! I will recommend you guys to everyone.

    – Allen Dise, Senior Pastor

  • Washington Avenue Bible Church, Ephrata, Pennsylvania

    “WABC and I benefited so much from Ad Lib Music, a ministry we were unaware of until this year. Our coach brought much to the table and assisted me and WABC in so many ways. His experience in the field of music and knowledge of church life enabled us to go through the music pastor search process in a relatively smooth fashion. In the future, I won't hesitate to tell others about Ad Lib Music and how needed this ministry is!

    – Jay Quirk, Lead Pastor

  • Pequea Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    “Ad Lib Music helped our church through a very difficult time of transition in the loss of our Worship Pastor. Their calm presence, servant hearts, and passion to serve the local church brought healing to our church and our worship team at a time when we needed it the most. With wisdom, experience, and insight they helped our leadership team as we crafted a new job description and went through the interview process. I would highly recommend Ad Lib's expertise in coaching and leading worship to any church that is facing transition or simply wants to help their worship director grow and be encouraged. I think that the cost was very reasonable for the amount of time that they spent in helping us in the process. If you would have told me a year ago that we would be spending this much, I would have probably been thinking ‘wow, that is a lot of money for a church to spend for those services’ but in hindsight…seeing all that they did in the process and the load that this took off of me and our leadership team and the experience and wealth of knowledge that they brought to the process…it was money well spent!

    – Daleen Charles, former Executive Pastor

  • Community Bible Church, Marietta, Pennsylvania

    “Dave was a great asset to CBC in the midst of our transition to find a worship leader. He was a servant leader who provided coaching to our worship leaders. He took a young and inexperienced guitarist and developed him into an effective worship leader.”

    – Jeff Burkholder, Senior Pastor

  • Swamp Christian Fellowship in Reinholds, Pennsylvania

    “Our Ad Lib Music Coach is not only a well seasoned worship leader who can equip a worship team to glorify God at a high level of excellence, but is also a Spirit-led person whose leadership can impact an entire church culture. Our coach has helped to transform our congregation, enabling us to experience worship at a depth not known before. We experienced our coach’s ability to reach both the traditional and contemporary mindset, bringing them into a fuller expression of unity in Christ.”

    – Craig Snow, Senior Pastor

  • Grandview United Methodist Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    “Ad Lib’s Audio Training is a great training program that is tailored to your specific needs with your church’s equipment. Tony is a great guy that is willing to setup a program to teach the techs how to better serve God through their technical abilities. The courses are great for the beginner and the experienced tech person, everyone will walk away feeling they are serving God and their church more effectively.”  

    – Robert Good, Lead Tech

  • LifeSpring Fellowship in Lititz, Pennsylvania

    “Ad Lib Music was contracted to coach our worship team to bring them to a higher level musically and in leading the congregation into worship. The sense that Dave’s love for God and genuine desire to see the church deepen in its worship was ever present in the coaching. Little did we know at the time that we would soon experience a dramatic change in the worship leader position. Dave responded well to the events as they unfolded. He was able to help the team move forward through the experience. Dave also helped us in the search for a new worship leader and provided some valuable insight and information that helped us in that process. I really felt like he went above and beyond what was expected in the contract. I would highly recommend Ad Lib Music and Dave Helmuth to any pastor or church that has the desire to improve their worship experience.”

    – Dennis Loose, former Senior Pastor

  • Trinity Evangelical Congregational Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

     “It’s been a humdinger of a year for us. Dave’s efforts were greatly appreciated throughout this process and his direct intervention was absolutely crucial. Thank you Ad Lib Music! The words just seem empty in comparison to what we’ve worked through together, but I believe the shaky ship has been righted, and we are ready to voyage forward.” 

    – Luke Dougherty, Steward Board President

  • Mountville Mennonite Church in Mountville, Pennsylvania

    “As a congregation, and particularly as a worship team, we have been very blessed by the ministry of Ad Lib Music. What was especially helpful was that they were able to come in with an outside perspective and address things that we couldn’t see from inside. Any time someone can honestly assess where you are at in a particular arena of ministry from an external perspective it helps you to see the bigger picture more clearly. We have been able to move forward as a worship team and as a congregation with the assistance and counsel of Ad Lib Music. As a team we, were able to bring greater focus and clarity to our vision for worship in song during our Sunday morning worship time. Ad Lib Music helped us to ask the right questions and focus our vision in worship!”

    – Keith Blank, former Senior Pastor

  • Ephrata Church Of The Brethren in Ephrata, Pennsylvania

    “Ephrata Church of the Brethren is a traditional church with over a hundred years of history. In 2002, we sensed God calling us to launch a worship service with a more contemporary feel. Dave Helmuth came along side of us in a coaching capacity and helped us lay a solid foundation for this worship ministry and as a result, today it continues to be used by God to bring people into his presence.”

    – Galen Hackman, former Senior Pastor

  • Ephrata First United Methodist Church, in Ephrata, Pennsylvania

    "Having Dave lead at our retreat was a great experience for our entire team, and it allowed me to do what worship pastors should do at such an event - retreat. I was able to step back from leading and enjoy time with my team without having to develop and prepare all of our group sessions, worship times, etc. What Dave presented was practical, timely, and God-inspired - we are still talking about what an awesome time we had together!"

    – Scott Byrom, Worship Pastor

  • Life Center Ministries International in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    “Dave Helmuth is a great musician, a creative thinker, and a clear communicator. He has broadened our repertoire of worship music, demonstrated an excellence of performance, and connected with our worship teams and congregation at a heart level. Our interaction with him has been nothing short of pure joy!

    – Charles Stock, Senior Pastor

  • Grandview United Methodist Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    “I have found in Dave a rich resource for providing short-term coverage for Sunday mornings, as well as helping us through seasons when we were searching for a ‘permanent’ worship leader. He has connected us with worship leaders and musicians and helped us think through what is needed for our worship service at any given time. Dave is not only a tremendously talented musician; he has a deep grasp of the nature of worship, shows extreme sensitivity to our particular way of worshipping, and interacts with others in a pastoral manner, nurturing younger musicians by teaching and example.”

    – Mike Alleman & Andrea Brown, Pastors

  • The Door Christian Fellowship in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    “I appreciated Dave’s timely, specific and insightful feedback into situations and dynamics on the team. I felt like he speaks from a place of experience, but also as one spending time with and hearing from the Lord. The things he shared were very practical, applicable and helpful in navigating through each situation.”

    – Elizabeth Comeaux, Worship Leader

  • Trinity Evangelical Congregational Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    “Your attentiveness and willingness to answer our endless supply of questions were a great help to be guided through the pre-launch process. The exercises you used to help us determine the “what’s” and the “why’s” were very valuable and necessary.

    – Keith Blank, Senior Pastor

  • LIFE International in Grand Rapids, Michigan

    “I so enjoyed getting to know Dave. His laugh, mannerisms, but most of all his heart for the pure and true worship of the Father. I don't think the conference would have been as effective without him. There is something that flows when the Holy Spirit is working through a person, and he was most certainly that person.”

    - Fran Malfer, International Ministry Liaison

  • Petra Church in New Holland, Pennsylvania

    “Since I have been using Ad Lib Music to create my PowerPoint, the quality has been exceptional and most of all I have more time to actually work on my sermons. I email a copy of my sermon and receive a PowerPoint presentation back in short order for me to proof. I found Dave Helmuth to be professional and easy to work with. The cost is well worth the savings in time and finished product. I highly recommend this service.” – Lester Zimmerman, Senior Pastor

  • Teaching The Word Ministries in Leola, Pennsylvania

    “Dave Helmuth doesn’t just lead songs; he leads people in relationship with God.”

    – Keith Yoder, Founder

  • Ephrata Community Church in Ephrata, Pennsylvania

    “We certainly appreciated the work you did here already and I would hope to partner again with you…”

    – Barry Wissler, Senior Pastor

  • Ephrata Church Of The Brethren in Ephrata, Pennsylvania

    "It was refreshing to release the leadership responsibility of a team retreat. Dave brought a unique approach to our retreat that opened each of us up individually to what God wanted to do with us as a worship team. Dave was intentional and prepared but not scripted or controlled by an agenda. His Spirit led teaching style through word and worship, and his desire to seek God desperately, enabled us to experience God's movement in a powerful way."

    – Dean Sensenig, Director of Worship & Music

  • ACTS Covenant Fellowship in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    “My coach helped me process a lot of what I have been wrestling with and gave me solid tools to grow as a leader! He ‘cleared off’ my mental desk as he completed my thoughts and helped me to contextualize my ideas. This weekend when I lead, I’ll be able to put into practice the ideas that have been floating around in my head. Knowing how to put my knowledge to use in my context makes all the difference.”

    – AJ Leaman, volunteer Worship Leader

  • The Door Christian Fellowship in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    “I came to my Coaching Moment feeling as though the nitty-gritty of life and leadership had blind-folded me and spun me around, leaving me quite dizzy and a little less certain I was moving in the right direction…it was a real pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey moment! My coach listened to me ramble, and brought fresh perspective and insight to the issues I've been struggling with. I left our meeting feeling encouraged in the right direction, able to see a little more clearly, and definitely less dizzy!

    – Heather Ross, former Worship Leader (photo; Mr. Bigglesworth)

  • Weaverland Mennonite Church in East Earl, Pennsylvania

    “I think the most valuable tool from the consultation was the vision and core values statement. Dave took time to hear us describe our current structure and issues and helped us tailor our language to our existing culture . We appreciated the heart and passion of Dave and George and their ability to draw out of us areas that needed attention.

    – Jim Martin, Worship Coordinator

  • Pray Big!

    “Dave has a gift of putting people at ease and enabling them to enter into the stream of worship. God has enlarged his heart to embrace people where they are at and He has given him the ability to lead them to a higher place. That's his anointing.”

    – Rusty Richards, worship musician and Founder  

  • ACTS Covenant Fellowship in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    “Dave Helmuth is a man with a passionate devotion to Jesus Christ. Dave is unique, in that he combines experienced musical skill and consistent excellence, with the heart and presence of the most humble worshipper. I remember the first time I experienced Dave’s worship leadership. My observation was, ‘Here is a guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he takes God very seriously.’ I love that about Dave.”

    – Sue Eikenberry, former Interim Lead Elder

  • Petra Church in New Holland, Pennsylvania

    “I really enjoyed the group atmosphere (in the Worship Leading Crash Course). A sense of ‘family’ sharing, loving, and light heartedness, yet at times seriousness and intensity (but not so intense that I felt intimidated). I felt loved, welcomed! It was fun to get to know new people who are in the same ‘boat’ as us (worship leading) and getting to know the different, yet awesome, styles of everyone. I never felt like I wasn’t ‘making the cut’ and was going to be dismissed for not being ‘perfect.’ I learned a lot! From how to approach worship, to how to minister God’s grace in worship. How to keep it light hearted and joyous to how to keep worship intimate and beautiful. Also, how to help make it flow with the Holy Spirit. How to use it to bring Honor and Glory to God’s kingdom! All I can say is, it was one of the best, most awesome times in my life!”

    – Kristi Martin, Children’s Ministry Worship Leader and participant in Ad Lib Music’s 8-Week “Worship Leading Crash Course


    Dave does an amazing job of supporting the leaders rising up around him. He’s a great leader and shows a good balance between forward thinking/long range planning and decision making related to weekly operations. It’s great to see him empowering directors to lead with appropriate amount of autonomy, yet setting up a system of reporting and accountability to leaders and the rest of the team. He does this so well. It's great to have such a capable person as Dave working on this! So many days, I comment to Deborah (my wife and fellow worship leader) about how awesome he is and how much I love playing on the same team with him. His creativity, indomitable spirit, encouraging perspective are so valuable.”

    – Eric Dombach, former Elder