Meadow Tea

Meadow tea is summer in a drink. I can almost always count on a tall glass of it when visiting my sister’s farm during the summer months.

But my first memories of it go back to middle school. For gym class, we’d have to run in the sweltering Texas heat. I found my only consolation in the thermos my Mom would send. It contained this liquid gold.

I’ve always been one of those “doesn’t share his drink with anyone because sharing cups is gross” kinds of guys. So sadly, I couldn’t share it with my classmates…even when Michael Cokerham offered me his “cup.” (True story!)

But meadow tea is one of those things that instantly transports me to somewhere nostalgic. It’s sweet, delicious, and refreshing.

I was on my weekly date with my wife the other night, and I experienced that familiar transport to the land of pleasant memories. Here in Costa Rica, they have lots of fruit drinks. You can get them made with water or milk.

I ordered a “Piña y Hierbabuena en agua” which is pineapple and mint. They take sweet pineapple, fresh mint leaves, ice, water, and (no doubt) copious amounts of sugar and blend it into a smooth, delightful beverage.

I wasn’t expecting to be swept away with my first sip, but I was! My heart was literally sitting at my sister’s counter in Lancaster County on a steamy July day.

When I was getting ready to order it, my charming wife asked me, “Can you just get one so we can split it…you know, fewer calories?”

None of my flesh wanted anything to do with that course of action. None! But it was the right thing to do relationally. So I said sure. (Besides, there’s a bit too much of my “flesh,” so I benefit in other ways.)

I tell you all this because you’re probably in similar situations where you’re being asked to do (or not do) something that you know the relationally right answer to. So what is that situation where laying down your life is the relationally right thing to do? Say sure. :)