Better than a 79% On-Time Arrival

According to, the average on-time performance (OTP) of airlines in the USA is 79.07%. Does that sound like your worship team?

Interestingly, the average delay is 12.4 minutes. It gets better. For every minute of delay, the airline loses $74.20.

That’s almost 75 bucks per minute!

Why do you care?

Because the same is true for your team. Every minute you or one of your teammates is late for rehearsal or some other gathering, it costs not just the late guy, it costs the whole team - the whole airline, in my analogy.

I believe I’ve found somewhat of a silver bullet that will cure your team’s habit of arriving late. (I’m indebted to our worship director Christian Ramirez for this brilliant idea.)

For the next several months (or as long as it’s an issue), have your team sign in when they arrive for rehearsal. There are just two things on this sheet:

Your name and the time you arrived.

Social/Peer pressure will take care of the rest.

Fertilizers don’t have to be lengthy to be valuable, do they?