The Weaving

Worship ministry is personal. It’s a beautiful weaving of the human and the Divine. It’s logical and unexplainable. It’s predictable and mysterious.

But if I’m stuck, my worship leading is stuck.

If I’m far from God, my worship leading is far from God.

If I’m angry, my worship leading is angry.

If I’m faking it, my worship leading is faking it.

If I’m a mess, my worship leading is a mess.

Because I bring who I am to every moment of leadership - the planning, the people, the rehearsing, the gathering.

I must stop pretending and go deeper with the LORD. My heart must beat with His. I must be about the Father’s business. I must have nothing on the line except His pleasure.

And here’s the good news. (Phew!) Remember the weaving I mentioned? The truth you just read is partnered, covenanted even, with the strong One.

There are so many moments when God’s grace accomplishes His purpose through my inadequacy. And thank God, right?!

In His eternal kindness, He carries us. It’s the answer to missionary David Brainerd’s prayer in the 1700’s “Lord, let me make a difference for you that is utterly disproportionate to who I am.”

His grace is truly amazing!

I love thinking about this during Holy Week because we’re pondering the arduous journey of Christ, who ultimately beat death using death itself. There was something mystical and unimaginable, impossible even, that He did. But He did it as a human, bearing in His flesh the pain of it all.

It’s a picture of the weaving - His part and the Father’s part. Like our part and the Holy Spirit’s part.

Let’s depend entirely on the LORD’s intervention while taking our part seriously - our devotional, hidden life, our craft, our leadership skill, our relationships, our weekly rhythms…

Grace to you as you serve in the woven ministry of worship.