The Need for Guest Worship Leaders

Every leader needs someone to fill in for them now and then. And the complications and restrictions brought on by COVID are an added stress.

We gladly line up guest worship leaders for churches all the time, aiming to ask all the questions you may forget to ask, orienting the leaders to the uniqueness of your church, and finding the specific leader that will be a good fit for your team and congregation.

But often, I ask myself  “Where are the other leaders at the church?” Even if I’d be serving in a church of fifty, I see being a discipler as one of my main jobs. I’m looking for potential leaders, giving leadership opportunities away, creating artificial needs, and investing energy in pouring confidence into emerging leaders.

Of course, every church has its standards - levels of competence are required. But if your perceived standard blocks the way for new leaders to arise, maybe it’s time to ask the LORD if your standard matches His for your church.

I’m not saying don’t be excellent or have standards. I’m saying, don’t make excuses. There will always be Sundays where all four of your worship leaders aren’t available, and you need help to lead your church of a hundred.

But as you look ahead to a new year, what’s your vision for raising up new leaders? How many do you feel the LORD calling you to mentor in 2021?

Or think of it this way. You remember those moments in 2020 that you thought whole-church, Sunday morning worship was permanently a thing of the past, and you might lose your job as a worship leader? Are you kidding me!?!

Imagine for a moment that the Church was actually driven underground, with no Sunday morning large group gatherings. Everyone was meeting in homes. Maybe just their own home.

How many families go to your church? Each home needs a worship leader. You’d suddenly be mentoring, what 50 worship leaders? You’d have more job security than ever!

Maybe this is all the motivation and support you need to begin praying about which four leaders to mentor in the new year.

Maybe reading ten stories of how worship leaders have mentored others will be helpful. You can pick up the Mentoring Worship Leaders book. (I’m particularly fond of chapter 10.)

Maybe we can walk alongside you to help you raise up new worship leaders. Schedule a time to talk here.

Regardless of how you approach this, let’s get to discipling new worship leaders at church. This kind of leader.

- Dave