Are We Wise and Faithful Servants?

This COVID thing has stuck around longer than we expected.

Long trials require exceptional resilience, a healthy perspective, and an ability to stick with it. But we never thought we were in a sprint, did we?

“Who is the one qualified to oversee the master’s house? He will be a reliable servant who is wise and faithful, one he can depend on. The master will want to give him the responsibility of overseeing others in his house, for his servant will lead them well and give them food at the right time. What joy and blessing will come to that faithful servant when the master comes home to find him serving with excellence! I can promise you, the master will raise him up and put him in charge of all that he owns. “But the evil servant says in his heart, ‘My master delays his eliminating of the virus and ending of all quarantines, masks, social distancing, and who knows when he will return?’ And because of the delay, the servant mistreats those in his master’s household, by neglect and by accusation on Facebook. Instead of caring for the ones he was appointed to serve, he abuses the other servants and gives himself over to overeating and over-drinking with drunkards. Let me tell you what will happen to him. His master will suddenly return at a time that surprises him, and he will remove the abusive, selfish servant from his position of trust. And the master will cut him in two and assign him to the place of great sorrow and anguish along with all the other pretenders and unbelievers.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭24:45-51‬ ‭TPT‬‬ (+Dave’s COVID edits)

What was in your charge before this hit? How are you managing it? Our current restrictions neither limit our requirements nor our ability to obey Him. How can I be a blessing to those in my reach?

If this “end of the world” isn’t the real end of the world, are we blessing those within our reach? Do you know that song “The Blessing”? I consider it the song of 2020. I think it’s primarily for others’ benefit through you.

That is to say, we need you. Stay with this. Keep to your charge. Open heart, wide eyes, passionate soul. Go for it. ¡Animo!

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