Snake CHarmers are Counterfeits

I met with a leader, and she was recounting her and her husband’s recent dreams (nightmares?!) about snakes.

I had a bit of Indiana Jones’ reaction, “Snakes! Why’d it have to be snakes?”

Nothing personal about snakes, except that I hate them (the “good” ones and the bad ones.) The leader took it to be a sign of spiritual warfare. I easily agreed.

Her husband had cut off a snake’s head in his dream. But the head lived on, and he couldn’t shut its mouth. (Yikes!) The only person that was able to shut it was the worship leader.

The worship leader!

I started thinking about snake charmers. How they play their little flutes to make the snakes dance.

Bunch of counterfeits! Who wants to see snakes dance? I want to see snakes flee! Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you, James 4:7 reads.

The same melodies that God uses to beautifully unravel us (No Longer Slaves) that are Psalm 32:7 “songs of deliverance” for us, WE can use to rid ourselves of the metaphorical snakes that pester us.

It’s the Psalm 149:6a command, “May the high praises of God be in their mouths…”

Don’t think that you’re just humming a melody. You’re chasing away the power of darkness.

You’re not just singing a song. You’re joining the armies of heaven, pushing back the gates of hell.

Those snake charmers don’t know the half of it.

BUT! Our hearts must remain open, soft, submitted (as the verse in James tells us). Our weapon is the surrendered heart posture of humility. And in simple love and pure devotion to Jesus, we execute God’s vengeance on the kingdom of darkness.

Be the real deal. Sing to Jesus.

- Dave

Ps. No snakes were harmed during the writing of this Fertilizer, and yes, I know snakes aren’t the devil. Just go with the metaphor, please. :)