A Cleared Plate

2020 has cleared A LOT of plates.

Plans canceled.

Jobs lost.

Businesses closed.

Trips postponed.

School…whatever you call getting walloped by the weirdest thing ever.

At some point, our cleared plates leave us with a stark realization: You know, we could do…anything we’d choose. And nobody would say we were crazy.

We’d just answer with, “Well, it was 2020 and it…” which is where they’d cut you off and give you an understanding look.

I’m not making light of our tragedies. Though temporary, Death feels so final.

But this year has given the world, its businesses, schools, churches, and individuals an unexpected, and certainly at first glance, an unwelcome opportunity: something completely new.

Here’s how I’m experiencing it. So we’ve been in Costa Rica for just over a year by this point, and we’ve been looking for a place to buy as we continue to discern and discover the specific call that God has for our family here.

And in the past ten days, in our information gathering process, we’ve experienced four wildly different property options (seeing as how we cleared our plate and moved to Costa Rica just months before the earth stopped rotating…or so it seems.)

Option One

A secluded two-acre property at the end of a gravel road toward the top of the mountain. The nature is stunning, and the house could be remodeled to accommodate plenty of guests. It’s a steal at only a buck seventy-five. 

Option Two

A fixer-upper, chalet-style, six-bedroom house with no land and a large open-air garage. Smack dab in the middle of a large town. It’s selling for a buck fifty.

Option Three

Two brand-new, American-style houses, one that has already been used to host students. It has no land and is in a rougher area, albeit a five-minute walk from where I grew up. It’s on the market for half a million.

Option Four

(And this is an unconfirmed, wild idea) A 42-acre property with spectacular views of the Central Valley and lots of tropical nature. Part of the owner’s vision is to do similar things that are in our heart to do - host worship team retreats. We would partner with the existing ministry, not have to buy a property.

Why, oh why, do I give you all these details? This isn’t a realty email, after all!

​The implications for each option are very different. 1. Run a secluded mountain retreat. 2. Minister primarily to the neighbors in town. 3. Join a new business in hosting students. 4. Partner with an established ministry, living on their new campus.

​You may not be having ANY of these wild options, but perhaps everything you had served yourself from the buffet of life slowly slid off the plate, and you’re staring down at a dirty, cleared plate.

​Now what?

​He has our attention. Be open to His leading. As our Good Shepherd, He leads us in just the right paths.

​I’m so curious. What is He saying to you?