Qualifications of Worship Team Members

More importantly than what initially qualifies someone to serve in the worship ministry, what qualifies them to keep serving? What qualifies us to keep serving?

For this Fertilizer, I'm simply going to invite you to watch the Adlibbing video from last week.


Here are some quotes from one worship leader who watched it:

- It’s the worship leader’s job to orchestrate something where people can be led into success.

- Our identity can’t be found solely in what happens on a Sunday morning.

- This is not my space for creative expression - we are here to serve God and the church.

- Set your teams up for success! Celebrate when they do well. Keep raising the bar when they hit it. This creates confidence.

- If you don’t love music, you have no business mixing music. Must love music and be humble and teachable.

- None of us gets to stay here. We always have to be moving up.

- The idea of evaluations instead of auditions asks where do you want to go instead of figuring out where folks are at currently and then disqualifying them.

- Be aware of what you are celebrating.

- Worship has nothing to do with me. If you show up for worship because of what you can do, you are missing it! If other people can do things, I want them to do things! I want them to bring themselves into the worship time, not their interpretation of how somebody else did it.

- Don’t try to solve a people problem with a rule. People put rules in place to try to avoid the pain of discipling somebody.

- When the church is run like a corporation versus a community, it’s trouble.