The Pandemic Didn’t Cancel Sunsets

On Friday, we drove two hours to the nearest beach. It had been seven months since our feet had sunk into the soft sand, and our eyes had beheld the glory of God showing off over the waters of South Jaco.

Seven long months of the world changing in unimaginable ways.

And all the while, God’s been showing off. But I’ve been largely too distracted to notice, to worship Him for it.

For those four days we spent at the beach, I’d stand there. Evening after evening, morning after morning, in awe, in worship.

We’ve got to get around God’s beauty.

We’ve got to awaken to God’s beauty.

We’ve got to be consumed by God’s beauty.

Psalm 19:1 reminds us of what’s going on when we do: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

What I’m calling us to is stopping, noticing, going out of our way to put ourselves in the place where we worship the Maker, the Creator, thanking Him for His creation.

Put yourself in places where you feel small next to God’s largeness, His majesty. Go to nature. Soak it in. Let it take you to His trophy case. And worship.

Feel the joy in the resizing, in the reframing. Let Him take you to a place where He reminds you what’s important, what’s powerful, what’s unstoppable.

Even last night, as the fierce wind blew around our mountain home, I looked up to see the cloud dragon flying, setting the sky on fire.

To endure the long-lasting impacts of a global pandemic like this one, we need both breaks from it and regular moments of resizing, of awakening, of worship.

The opportunities are all around us. Let’s take them!