Worshiping with Blind Trust

I love worshiping with blind trust.

I believe it’s a redundant phrase, "blind trust." Seeing trust isn’t trust. That’s the whole point. You don’t see, you trust.

But it FEELS like you’re blind in the trusting. Like this:

  • When I can’t yet see the dawn

  • When I can’t yet see the light at the end of the tunnel

  • When I can’t even see the horizon, the clearing in the woods, the reason why, or the answer to my questioning cry

  • When I feel lonely, abandoned, confused

  • When nothing yet makes sense

  • When things aren’t going my way

  • When what I believe God said hasn’t been accomplished

  • Before things are all wrapped up and either back to normal or well on their way

  • Before the breakthrough, in the darkest part of the night

  • When everything in me cries out that it’s okay for me to wallow in self-pity because I deserve to, because the current situation is unfair, severe, painful, or unbelievably hard

At THAT moment, I worship God! …it’s real, honest worship. Like this:

  • It’s Paul&Silas worship – beaten and stifled in ministry because they’re in prison

  • It’s David’s cave worship – when he’s in fear of losing his very life…all he holds dear

  • It’s Abraham on the mountain about to offer his only son’s life as worship to God – can you imagine HIS anxiety and questioning God at a moment like that? And YET he obeys

  • It’s Neo asking Morpheous "why do my eyes hurt?" only to hear his confusing answer "because you’ve never used them before"

  • It’s Noah going ahead to carry out a plan meaning YEARS of ridicule as he follows what he knows God has said to him (obedience is one of the highest forms of worship)

  • It’s John the Baptist devoting his ENTIRE LIFE to setting the stage for someone else (yeah, it’s the Messiah and all, but that doesn’t remove his feelings through the process) – this is selfless love and devotion to God – it’s true worship

  • It’s Job (Oh my God!) stalwart of heart, one by one, everything he loves is destroyed – notice that even as GOD takes the pictures of the ones he loves off the walls of his life, his heart posture remains one of trust and worship – I will not forsake my God for He will never forsake me, I CAN TRUST HIM!

Friends, we’re in good company!

Rejoice! They are cheering you on! Go for it – take the steps you hear God calling you to and don’t look back or worry about God not covering your back. He can’t be unfaithful to you. Worship Him.

Let me end by pulling back the curtain a bit. I love how God uses things in cycles. This this. I wrote this in December 2000. Twenty years ago, God deposited something that I needed then, that we need now. I pray it breathes life into you, hope into you, and expectancy into you. And that it inspires simple love and pure devotion to the Son of God in your whole life.