Why Coaching and Why now?

I’m always trying to grow as a leader. I was recently inspired by an article I read and would like to ask you some questions.

  • Do you love your church but are showing signs of burnout?
  • Do you feel like you’ve gone as far in your current role as you can on your own?
  • Are you so swamped with the weekly grind that you no longer invest in your personal growth?
  • Do you feel like you’re in over your head and can’t find a way forward?
  • Do you love how ministry is going, but feel like you want to take things up a notch?
  • Have you been unable to add new members to your team over the last year?

If you resonate with any of those questions, then a round of coaching may be just the thing. With the whole world swiveling around, we’re all taking a fresh look at…everything.

And with the ability to meet via video, it’s a perfect season. I’ll tell you this: leaders who grow during this time will run out of the gate, exploding in fruitfulness. It’s not a time to wait or to hide your talent. It’s a time to invest, prepare, challenge, and grow.

As worship and tech coaches, Ad Lib is ready to walk alongside you through this next season. The time is right!

I don’t know what your church’s budget is, but coaching is only $175 a month. And though you can go a month at a time, we recommend a year of coaching because it takes time to discover and integrate the changes you want to make.

To get a feel for some of our coaches, I invite you to watch this video. It’s not scripted or fancy, but I hope you’ll find it helpful and will overcome your hesitancy to engage with us in coaching.

To take the next step, go to adlibmusic.com/schedule-a-call and pick a time to chat. You get to try out a no-strings-attached coaching session for free! Then, if it seems to be a good fit, we’ll meet one on one each month. You can even choose a coach that fits your needs. Get to know a little about each coach at adlibmusic.com/about/coaches.

And here’s the thing with coaching. Whether you’re a seasoned leader with lots of experience behind you or are in your first year of ministry, coaching is helpful because it gives you an outside perspective, a journey mate, and a resource tailored to your context.

Get this. We don’t work solo as coaches. Our team is always helping each other give the best support to each church. We pool our unique giftings, backgrounds, and strengths, so when you hire one coach, you benefit from the whole team! It’s remarkable.

Back to the questions. You’ll note that coaching helps you get unstuck, supports you in the ways you want to grow, and encourages you to keep going when it’s hard. Which question did you most resonate with? Let us know when you sign up for the free session at adlibmusic.com/schedule-a-call.