Lucas. Now you know how to say Luke in Spanish. Well, only if you pronounce it Spanishy.

But do we know what to do when a messenger from God shows up when we’re just doing our weekly service?

I was in my daily scripture reading in Luke 1. I felt a resonance with Zechariah and Elizabeth who were from…shall we say “a long line of worship leaders.” And Zach had just showed up to lead his weekly worship set. He was a good man, and godly.

And “God showed up.” Or perhaps I should say there was heavenly activity.

And he flipped out and didn’t know how to respond. He was “shaken and overwhelmed with fear.”

Granted, an encounter with the Holy is overwhelming, affecting our whole being - spirit, soul, and body.

But Zach’s response seems to be unbelief. He questions, which on face value could seem perfectly appropriate. The message was naturally impossible. But the angel’s response tells me there was something in his heart. It wasn’t innocent curiosity like Mary’s would be later in the chapter. There was something untrusting, resisting, resting-on-logic in his question. Something that lacked faith.

And without faith, it is impossible to do the heart of worship, aka please God. (Hebrews 11:6)

So I’m reading this story and I think about us as worship leaders and pastors. There’s no question that along a long enough timeline of us showing up to perform our appointed duties that God has interrupted us. He has spoken. He has revealed His heart.

Have we been ready? Are we ready?

I know most of us, if we are leading right now, are recording or live streaming from homes and empty sanctuaries.

But are we expectant?

Do we yearn and pray for more than just proverbially burning incense?

And when God’s Spirit breathes and moves on us, how do we respond?

Zechariah said, “How can I be sure?” Like “I don’t want to be a fool for proclaiming or believing this.”

Mary said, “How will this be?” Like “Give me some details about Your plan, Lord…this is exciting!”

Our response to when heaven invades earth seems to have bearing on what happens next.

Do we believe that as we record, as we stream, that God wants to say something, that God wants to meet us?

I say “Give me some details about Your plan, Lord…this is exciting!” His life will follow!

- Dave