Being a Worship Leader Doesn’t Make You Exempt from Making Disciples

Turns out that being a worship leader doesn’t make you exempt from making disciples.

  • Why don’t we think and act with greater emphasis on this?

    Stop and reflect on this for a moment.

    How much disciple-making did you learn about at the last worship conference? I mean practical, step one, two, three on “how do turn your worship ministry into a disciple-making machine.”

    Or how often has your pastor sat you down and admonished you to start making disciples? “Brandon, you’ve been on staff at The Pointe for three years now and you haven’t made any disciples.”

    I know that our JOB is to lead worship, to create spaces where the people in our congregation can meet with God.

    What I’m saying is that the
    way we do that needs to be a way that also makes disciples. And the problem is that many of us don’t even have it on our radar screen. Like, it’s not in our Key Performance Areas (KPA’s) or our Job Descriptions. I just searched through the dozen or so worship leader job descriptions from churches that I have in my files, and none of them even mention “disciples.”

    Rather than this being a red-faced, vein-bulging rant to shame you into grunting some disciples into existence, I just want you to think. To take a moment to ponder the possibilities that lie in making SMALL shifts in the way you do things so that you can have the thrill of actually making disciples.

    Teach someone else to do every little thing that you do. And if you say, “ugh, that takes so much time!” then quit your job. Or realize that you aren’t there just to make a product, to make the perfect set, to make a full team. You are there to make disciples as you do all those things.

    Don't over-complicate it. I like the way Andy Stanley says when he’s teaching, “My job isn’t to fill your cup; it’s to empty mine.” So this discipling thing isn’t some huge program that you have to follow. It’s more like parenting - Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. (Deuteronomy 6:7)

    Put it on your radar screen and just look for opportunities to help your team be a follower, an example, and a reproducer. 

    Two short videos that can help jumpstart you: 
    What is a Disciple? and How to Be a Disciple-Maker Maker.

    - Dave