¿A que te dedicas? (...what?)

I got off the airplane when we first entered Costa Rica, and the customs official asked me “¿A que te dedicas?” “Músico” I’d answer.

I walked up to the counter when my number was called when I was signing up for the national healthcare, and the worker asked me “¿A que te dedicas?” “Músico” I’d answer.

I moved from chair to chair as the “line” crept forward until it was my turn to see the doctor. He asked me “¿A que te dedicas?” “Músico” I’d answer.

I was getting car insurance (after literally about a dozen other appointments and offices to get the car ready for this moment), and the agent asked me, you guessed it, “¿A que te dedicas?” “Músico.”

What does “¿A que te dedicas?” mean? Basically, “What do you do for a living?” But literally it means “What are you dedicated to?” And “Musician” has been my answer.

But what an interesting way of asking that question!

I know that most of us don’t lead worship for a living (though some of us do.) But we certainly do it with the seriousness of a job or career.

And that transliteration made me ask the question “What am I dedicated to as a worship leader?” Or “How would I answer someone that asked me what I’m dedicated to as a worship leader?”

The beginning of a year (decade!) is a great moment to stop and take stock of where our dedication lies.

I’ve met plenty of worship team members and leaders that seem dedicated to self-promotion, self-protection, self-actualization, people-pleasing, or other misguided motives.

I’m sure that’s not you, but all of us get off track now and then.

So what’s your aim? What are you dedicated to? Strengthen it.

Interestingly, as I searched the scriptures for the keyword “dedicated,” everything came up as explicitly or implicitly dedicated “to the LORD.”

I especially love 2 Chronicles 29:31 that says, “Then Hezekiah said, ‘You have now dedicated yourselves to the LORD. Come and bring sacrifices and thank offerings to the temple of the Lord.’”

Take a moment and ask the Holy Spirit if you’ve dedicated yourself to anything other than Him. Ask Him what it would look like to walk in a way that’s more fully dedicated to Him as you lead this year.

With the highways to Zion in our hearts, onward friends!

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pps. And if you're wondering what the image meant on the main Worship Fertilizer page, it says:

What do you do for a living?

I'm a model for a gym.

But...you're a bit chubby.

Yes, it's that I'm the "BEFORE."