Worship Team Missional Retreat in Costa Rica

Imagine your worship team on a retreat. On a missional retreat in Costa Rica.

Step into the cozy mountain lodge, the break you need to laugh and pray and worship together awaits. We will lead you through team times and opportunities for solitude. You’ll grow deeper in your relationships with Jesus and each other. Be reinvigorated in your purpose as a team. Retreat, recover, relaunch!

And then, step into the shoes of another part of the Body of Christ, right here in Costa Rica. Help build a home for a family in need (with Homes of Hope), serve in a children’s home (Roblealto or Hogar de Vida), give practical helps for a church’s worship team, or partner with other missions groups here (VidaNet, YWAM, Praying Pelican Missions), etc.

Afterwards, regroup at the lodge with its large living room and beautiful fireplace. Be nourished together over intentional conversations and savory meals while delighting in the mesmerizing views of the Central Valley below and the magnificent mountain ridges surrounding. The property also features multiple wooded trails that invite you spend times in prayer and solitude. At 6,500 feet elevation, experience a pleasant 55º-75º temperature no matter what time of the year you join us. All that’s lacking is you and your team!

But for this vision to become a reality, we need your help.

We have the opportunity to buy this fantastic property and bring this dream to life… not only for you, but for pastors and missionaries and their families, and worship teams and leaders from around the world.

And we want to give you the opportunity to have the joy of giving and partnering with us.

Our goal is to raise $280,000 toward the purchase of this property.

You can make your tax-deductible gift through our sending church, ACTS Covenant Fellowship. It can either be a one-time gift or a monthly gift. Click here to give. And make sure to select “Missions - Dave & Heather Helmuth” in the FUND dropdown.

VISION for this mission base is:

  • To be a safe place for leaders, teams, and families to be inspired, cared for, and equipped
  • To be a place that models givenness to each other and the Lord
  • To be a place that plants the seeds of raw, honest, deep worship
  • To be a place of refreshing and perspective outside your regular context

EXPERIENCE for your team will be tailored to your needs, but to give you an idea, here’s a sample schedule:

  • Monday - travel day (with direct flights from the US under $400)
  • Tuesday - team retreat
  • Wednesday - team retreat
  • Thursday - service project with a local church or organization
  • Friday - service project
  • Saturday - ecotourism experience (beach, rainforest, volcano, zip-line, white-water rafting, coffee tour, futbol game, you name it!)
  • Sunday - travel day (and we can help you find a worship team to cover at your church)

We plan to begin hosting leaders, families, and teams in the spring of 2020. We’d love it if you’d share this Fertilizer with your friends, team members, pastors, and the worship leader down the street!

We're honored that you'd consider partnering financially with us!

ps. This property will be owned by our Costa Rican ministry called "Isaias 61" (Isaiah 61). We will live on the property as hosts and caretakers. If you want to see a video walkthrough, click here.