Worship Leaders are Witnesses

Sometimes I'm struck by a shallowness or a disconnectedness or simply a lack of authority and anointing on a worship leader (or team), and I wonder what causes it.

I was reading in Acts 26:16 where Paul is quoting Jesus when he met him on the road to Damascus. He says to him “I have appeared to you to appoint you as a servant and as a witness of what you have seen and will see of Me.”

Worship leaders and teams must be a witness of what they have seen of God. If I haven't seen much of God, I can't be much of a witness. Oh, I can sing songs. I can even be a charismatic leader, but I won't have the PUNCH! unless I'm actually a witness.

The Amplified bible expands the phrase “as a witness” with “to testify, with authority.” (Today’s Spanish lesson: the word for witness is “testigo” which reminds me that our role as witnesses is to testify)

How many of us have led with no authority or been led by someone with no authority? (Added to my list of things to avoid)

But have you ever tasted someone leading you with loving authority, taking you right into the purposes of God for that moment? Or have you led with authority in a way that brought the whole room into alignment with what God was saying or doing?


There’s an interesting thing that happens when we lead songs that came from revelation and encounter. On one hand, it beautifully takes us into something new that we haven’t know ourselves. I think this is what draws us to some of these songs.

Many of the songs we’re singing right now have been birthed from powerful encounter and revelation. This could be from the writer’s personal life, a captivating God-moment in corporate worship, or in daily devotedness of time spent in the scriptures.

But did we have that experience, that revelation? Were we witnesses of it? Or do we just sing a cool song that has “something” to it?

How will we ever lead our congregations into this revelation and encounter if we ourselves are not witnesses of it?

This is ONE reason that it’s so important for us to have a thriving life where we show up before God in quiet and in song, where nobody else can see us. Like Dan Wilt said once, “Worship Leader training does not begin on a stage with a mic. It begins in a room with the door locked - and only God to impress.”

And many of us are years into our training. So back to the passage in Acts that I stared with. It’s interesting to me that it says we are appointed as witnesses of two things:

  1. What I have seen of Jesus
  2. What I will see of Jesus

Listen up, y’all. For some of us it’s been
far too long since we’ve had a sense of awe, wonder, being undone, thunderstruck by God’s greatness, His nearness, His tenderness, His fierceness. And we need to get alone with our instrument and our Father, and worship the LORD like David on the hillside.

We need to re-embrace the simple delight of Jesus; the honor of being in intimacy with the Creator. To take your hands off the wheel of your life and ministry and recognize the Maker and Architect’s role. To just read scripture because we want to meet God in it and not prepare for some ministry obligation.

We need to notice how God is at work, renew our student ID’s of His ways, walk as sons and daughters who know what their Father is doing.

Let’s pray to be witnesses.


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