Questions Worship Leaders Need To Ask Their Sound Techs

The worship leader - sound tech relationship is usually either pretty great or pretty not.

The reality is that each week, our sound techs serve heroically to bring our musical offerings to life. They often lack training, affirmation, and proper equipment. It’s super hard work. And usually thankless.

Two things:

  1. I think you should hire Ad Lib to train your sound techs. We come to your church six times to train your team on your equipment. If you do nothing else, this alone will increase team joy and congregational engagement, not to mention the way things sound. I’m serious. It’s some of the best budget you can invest this year! Go to and get signed up.
  2. Build an actual relationship with your sound techs by learning to ask them helpful questions.

Try these out:

  • How can we be better teammates? How well do we trust each other?
  • Is the way we do sound check giving you what you need?
  • What’s driving the rhythm in this song?
  • What information do you need before rehearsal?
  • What could we play or sing differently to make what you have to work with more musical?
  • Do you find it helpful if I give you requests or suggestions for the mix (realizing that I can’t actually hear how it sounds in the house)? If I have ideas, how/when do you want to hear them? (and how/when do you not want to hear them)
  • When do you feel like rather than just mixing, you’re just being asked to “produce” or “arrange” because what the band is playing is just too much? (people are over-playing, out of tune, out of sync/time, etc.)
  • What kind of music do you like to listen to?
  • What experiences are in the back of your mind when you’re mixing that might keep you from feeling free, like there are fears based on what people have said (complained) to you in the past?
  • How can we make your job more fun?
  • What’s the one thing that really irritates you about your job?
  • Where do you want to have lunch?

Of course, you can tailor these to fit your situation, but the reality is that your working relationship will fail if you don’t have an actual relationship. It’s on you to build it. And to build each other up!