Put it on your Calendar

If you've been signed up for the Fertilizer since it started in 2009, you may have noticed something: since June 2018, you have received one each week, like clockwork.

See, on February 20th, I added a three-hour appointment to my calendar that said "Write a Fertilizer." That helped. Then in June, it changed to "Write a Fertilizer in a coffee shop" with a particular destination (that week happened to be The Coffee Station at Landis Valley).

Every single week since then, I've been showing up and doing just that. I haven't missed even one. Starbucks, Passenger Coffee, Chestnut Hill Cafe, Folklore Coffee & Co, Square One, Cafe One Eight, Copper Cup, Brick House, Mean Cup, Prince Street, Commonwealth on Queen, and more Starbuckses. Phew!

In 2017, I managed to write 22. In 2018, it was 38 (with 26 of those coming since June). I expect 2019 to have 52.

Why do I tell you this?

As you spend some time at the end of the year reflecting and planning for the new year, remember the power of one simple act:

Put important things on your calendar with a time AND a place.

And then let me know at the end of 2019 how you were able to be more consistent with that one important thing, so we can celebrate together!

Will it be "Plan a month of songs at a time from my living room piano" (a month in advance) or "Team Gathering at Sue's house" (schedule 4 of these for the year) or "Deep worship and intercession for the team in the sanctuary" (every Thursday at 1:00 PM for an hour)? Choose whatever you know is valuable, but haven't been consistent in doing.


ps. Did you have a favorite?