I Wish We Would Color More

I walked along the mid-fall sidewalk. A red Japanese maple leaf clung to the concrete with moisture from an overnight rain.

"Winter is coming," I thought. "I’m glad for the color of now."

Maybe coloring preserves the creativity and connection to life that helps us persevere through the upcoming winter drab.

But I mean actually coloring on paper. Like with freshly sharpened colored pencils or a box of new crayons.

Whimsical thought, no doubt.

I wonder what would happen if you showed up to your next rehearsal with a armload of white and a fistful of color and simply instructed your team to create for ten minutes.

You can laugh, talk, sing, or be silent, but for ten minutes your assignment is to reach back to childhood and enjoy coloring. Fake it if you have to. Until you don’t. Because I bet you won’t have to very long.

Would this make the music you play afterward "better"? Perhaps freer? Would you smile more as you hacked through that new song that the team is just learning? Would you take more risks? Would you smile at each other after the shared experience of coloring?

Come on, take me up on it! What’s the worst that could happen? You waste ten minutes and your team thinks your a little odd? (Not sure how to break it to you that this is likely already happening... and it’s ok!)

Step One
Decide to do it no matter their reaction.

Step Two
Gather supplies. I suggest new. If you’re going for crayons, a new little box for each team member is great. I honestly prefer colored pencils. But don’t let my lid stop you. Go watercolors, oils, PASTELS - ooh, pastels are amazing! (Hint: spray paint, but ONLY outdoors...away from cars)

Step Three
Pick a rehearsal where you’re not doing a bunch of hard songs or integrating that new bass player your team has been praying for.

Step Four
Set it up well. Let your team know that you’re going to do something really different. It will help their creativity and it will make playing together more fun, but it may take you out of your comfort zone. But to trust you. Set the ground rules: no criticism of anything anyone creates. You can draw things freehand, just color abstractly, color in printed designs, or all make rainbows. I don’t know, just color.

Step Five
Decide if you want some inspiring music behind it or not. If so, you might use this YouTube playlist for inspiration. (We Will Feast in the House of Zion literally made me weep in a coffee shop as I was putting the list together - thanks to Morgan for introducing me to this great song!)

Step Six
Take 60 seconds to debrief with your team, to capture any learnings. What was difficult? What brought you to life? How did you express your creativity? What did you learn about using art to connect with God? Then dive into playing.

I’d love to hear how you implemented this idea to spark creativity in your worship team!

- Dave

ps. If you missed Monday’s free webinar on helping your team arrive better prepared to rehearsal, click here to watch it.

pps. Bonus if you do this at home!

ppps. Christmas is coming. Stay tuned for song suggestions in next week's Fertilizer.