Where do you get your chord charts?

I've received a number of requests for chord charts this week. Where do I direct people? SongSelect? Well...maybe. But there's a long list of frustrations with their charts. So where else?

You can start with
Ad Lib Music's collection here

Often the churches and worship artists that release the songs offer their charts for free:

    1. Bethel
    2. Elevation Worship
    3. Hillsong
    4. Sovereign Grace (you have to do a little digging, but they are there)
    5. Jesus Culture (I put 4 & 5 together so they can duke it out)
    6. Vineyard
    7. WorshipTogether
    8. We Are Worship
    9. Rend Collective
    10. Essential Worship
    11. We Are Worship
    12. Praise Charts (these aren't free, but you can get charts for $2.50 each)

But then what how do you use those charts? Just have a bunch of different looking charts? Don't confuse your team!

I used to make my own in Word. That's what the 1500 or so charts in Ad Lib’s collection are based on. But after 27 years, I've switched to a different system.

Here's what won me over.

Do you know that you can create great charts in Planning Center Online, and make a new chart in a different key at the click of a button, literally?!

It's just too easy, really. Watch a short video of how to do it:

Where do you get your charts?

- Dave