How to Get More (and Better) Musicians

There were 7 of us worship leaders sitting around the table from different congregations. As we shared our recent highs and lows, several leaders' lows were lamenting that they had either just lost key musicians or were having trouble filling their teams completely.

Sometimes it can seem like good musicians are the unicorns of worship ministry, right?!

That's when I thought of my friend Jon. He is a systems ninja, a systems genius. What I mean is that he has repeatedly created a system that solves a huge problem for worship leaders, distilled it to it's core principles and practices, and then shared it as a video course on his website.

In one such system he created, he teaches to think about
why you’re adding musicians, what kind of musicians you’re looking for, and then how to actually find and integrate new musicians.

I love that he has you describe your "minimum viable rotation" (which I just call "summer") and your "optimal rotation" (which I call "Easter"). Doing the work of going through his system yields real fruit.

There is gold throughout, like "It’s easier to disqualify someone up front than it is to remove them after they’re a part of the team.
(And all the people said amen)

What I struck by in this course is that there is a clear, step-by-step process to finding great musicians. 
BUT it takes work! There is no magic pill, no easy formula. It’s like hope and a hand. And at $39, it’s a worthy investment. If you’d like, you can get it here.

Jon teaches five factors in order to decide if a potential musician would be a good fit on your team. He says: 

When it comes to qualifying new team members, you’ve got make sure you’re "checking all the boxes." And what are those boxes?

They are your five factors that help you determine if someone will be a good fit—The Five Cs: 

  • Character
  • Craft
  • Connection
  • Chemistry
  • Calling

These 5 Cs can be put in any order you want, because they ALL matter.

For example, you might have someone with high personal integrity (Character), but she's more of a lone ranger-type who likes to do things her own way (Chemistry).

Or, you might have someone who feels absolutely called to play guitar on the team (Calling), but he couldn't strum his way out of a paper bag (Craft).

Or, you’ve got someone who seems to be great in most other areas, but she just started attending your church three weeks ago (Connection). She might work out great. But how do you really know??

And Jon has generously agreed to share a 17-page workbook with our Fertilizer readers that walks you though assessing if someone has all Five C’s. Get it here, certified strings-free.

I know this Fertilizer may have felt a little different than usual, but it’s really that I’m just excited to share a fantastic resource with you that’s meeting a real need!

- Dave

ps. To thank me for sharing his course with you, big-hearted Jon will share some of the purchase price with Ad Lib. So when you buy this workshop, not only are you helping out a great guy who is just a week away from going full time into his ministry (read: leaving his full time church job to resource the broader Church), but you're also sowing into Ad Lib. Win-win-win! Oh, and if you want more details about the course as a whole, you can read that here.