“Variety is the entreé of life” - said nobody

"Variety is the entrée of life!"

Um. I don’t think anybody ever said that.

The real saying is "variety is the spice of life."

A little spice goes along way. How does this apply to your worship leading in the songs you choose and how you do things?

New songs, familiar arrangements, team makeup, lyric backgrounds, service order, music styles, rehearsal schedule...

Most of the people we lead like to know what to expect, with just a little dash of fresh added in.

I hope that gives those among us that would seem to like "everything different every week" some freedom. Absolutely add in new things, but like your adding cinnamon. If you’ve ever added too much cinnamon to a dish, you know how distasteful and almost spicy it can be. A little goes a long way.

New Songs
Please teach new songs. And what I mean is actually teach them. Help the congregation learn the chorus before "doing" the whole song. Repeat it regularly for a few weeks. And at what rate? 12 a year? Sounds about right.

Familiar Arrangements
I’m totally wired to change every arrangement every single time. But doing that stresses your team and congregation. Find arrangements you love and work for your context. Occasionally freshen them by mixing it up....without mixing them up.

Team Makeup
9 out of 10 times, a specific band that plays together regularly will play together better than random mixups of members. And your fear about cliques forming and rankings of "A, B, and C" bands only reveal what’s already there. Those are character issues that need to be addressed anyway. Don’t sacrifice the benefit of better playing just because of that fear.

Lyric Backgrounds
Think overall service feel, uniformity, consistency. And then when a background is different, it’ll be different for a reason. Other than ADHD. And it will communicate well.

Service Order
Don’t unsubscribe if your Presbyterian...I’m still advocating for decently and in order. :) You guys are actually onto something: Intentionality. If you have a "worship set," maybe start with a slow, prayerful song every couple months. But usually begin with exuberant praise that talks lots about God. Services have a cadence. That’s not a bad thing. Flow within that.

Music Styles
You be you. As in "your church be your church." Be okay that you don’t sound like fill-in-the-blank-church. Get good at your sound. And hey, every now and then, take them somewhere else via the style of music you use.

Rehearsal Schedule
Think through how to use your time together. Do this well. And let it be an expected rhythm each week. Like clockwork. Things like beginnings and endings are especially important to this. Then when you want to flip the autopilot switch off, speed through the music and then...read next week’s Fertilizer.