Affirm Your Team

Every Sunday at 11:45 AM, this reminder pops up on my phone: Affirm your team.

Not because I’m so noble-minded. Because I’m not.

To each of you who serve Sunday after Sunday, I appreciate you. We appreciate you. In front of the scenes, behind the scenes, in the scenes. You are valuable and you bring something that shows who God is, just by your showing up. (1 Corinthians 12:7 MSG)

And none of us bring our best every single week, right? We try. Sometimes we college try. Sometimes we token try.

And I think that’s ok. It kinda has to be. We just can’t be consistently awesome.

What I’d like to do with this Fertilizer is to encourage the spirit of gratefulness, thanksgiving, and honor among worship teams.

Worship leaders, let your team know you’re grateful for your team (as people, not just as their role.)

Pastors, give your worship leaders heartfelt gratitude for carrying their parts of the service, for honoring their priestly position.

Worship bands, thank your worship leaders for taking on the weight of making all those calls. (and I’m not talking about reaching out to you multiple times when you don’t confirm on PCO!). :)

Techs, thank the worship band and leader for putting all the personal practice time in and for giving you the joy of a live band to mix.

Everybody, thank the techs. Nobody thanks the techs enough. Ever.

Let all this hilarious generosity of gratitude and honor overflow in your culture!

Love y’all,

- Dave