If I get ONE MORE "update to our privacy policy" email...

Last week, our inboxes were inundated with emails from companies about their "Updated Privacy Policy" due to the GDPR, whatever that is. I got over 35 of them...one from Elevation Worship as I typed this!

Annoying to say the least.

But we too can easily focus on our own needs that we don’t realize their impact on others. We miss out on what’s really important. Right? So what am I doing to my congregation, team, or leaders that feels the same way to them? 

  • Showing up to rehearsal without having listened to the music. Again.
  • Taking the first 18 minutes of rehearsal making copies of music like it’s 2002. Again.
  • Singing 9 new songs at church so far this year. And it's May. Again.
  • Complaining to somebody...about somebody else, instead of talking directly to the one you're complaining about. Again.
  • Refusing to participate with the congregation just because you don't like a song. Again.
  • Arriving 10 minutes after rehearsal start time. And you're the sound guy. Again.
  • Failing to practice before arriving at rehearsal, therefore making it difficult to listen to and make music with the rest of the team. Again.
  • Getting offended because your leader asked you to wait to come in until the second verse. Again.
  • Not giving your worship leader the theme for the sermon, until that morning. (Poor worship leader is kicking himself because there’s a song that would tie in perfectly...if only he had advance notice.) Again.
  • Not improving as a musician...for the last 5 years. Again.
  • Not putting the lyrics up until you hear the first two words being sung. Again.
  • Opening a worship set by talking about the weather. Again.

Do any of these look (gulp) familiar? Take a look at your own patterns, the things that you do without considering how they impact others. And next time you're guilty of one of these annoying practices, pause, say a prayer, receive grace, and change your direction. Bonus points if you start calling each other out by asking "hey, did you just update your privacy policy again?" :)


Ps. I know that Sundays some with sometimes crushing regularity, and my goal isn’t to be heavy, but to call us higher; to serve in such a way that it’s clear that what we’re doing is worthy of our very lives! ❤️