The Body of Christ is changing the world.

Yesterday morning, I sat in a circle of leaders. We mourned, we shared, we prayed, we cried, we strategized, we partnered. It was beautiful.

A week ago, one of the worship leaders in the group was in a terrible accident and has been in ICU. (you can follow Jonny's story here.) Three pastors from Jonny's church were there and I listened as worship pastors from several churches offered their insight, their team members, their prayers, and even themselves!

  • "Let me know if you need a bass player...I'll send you one of ours for that week. And I've already asked my team to be open to serving at your church."
  • "I've already cleared it with my pastor to be gone a Sunday a month so I can help out if needed."
  • "We can serve as worship leaders if you'd like to have prayer gatherings for him."
  • "I'd be glad to come to a rehearsal to help support the team."
  • "Whatever we can do to help, we're in."

And there is its: the Body being the Body. All glory be to Christ Jesus, the Head!

Several worship leader groups like this exist in our area. If there are none in your area, start one. Not just for moments like these, but for all of ministry life.