How to Make Preparations for Big Events (no. 123)

I was reading my daily scripture passage when something from Luke 22 stuck me. The disciples are tasked with something like making a huge Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Or like planning a big Christmas Eve service. And verse thirteen simply says "So they prepared the Passover."

I stopped and asked "Wait. Does that mean that the (soon-to-be) world famous twelve apostles cooked a meal and put the forks out? Did they even know what side of the plate the forks go on?!"

I wonder how we often also gloss over our own job descriptions that say "plan and lead services." And we translate it to mean "do every detail of it yourself."

I don’t know whether the historical answer to my question is "yes, of course the disciples did all the prep" or if they entrusted the cooking and decorating to others, but I do know this: we tend to do it all ourselves.

At the very least, we carry the weight of the world of preparation on our shoulders.

No need to, though.

We are a community! Friends that receive the Fertilizer, friends serving at your church, friends serving in other local churches.

So, here’s what I want to suggest we do:

  • Do you usually do something on your own? Plan, rehearse, create, research, decorate, host, serve… Either bring someone with you to help or let them run with it and support them.
  • Are you having a hard time picking a fitting Christmas tune for the set list? Ask one of your worship friends in the area for suggestions.
  • Do you feel overwhelmed bearing the brunt of service planning this month? Bring some other folks into it (that aren’t on the worship team.)

Re-train your brain to redefine leadership from "getting things done" to "getting things done through others." It’s not good stewardship to be hired to do everything. Lead everything instead. Get it done by mobilizing others!

And I hope this also encourages you to "let your mind wander" as you read scripture. God may just be wanting to tell you something that’s seemingly unrelated.