What I learned from eating at Chili's (No. 119)

I've been eating at Chili's since...my college days! Bottomless chips and chicken crispers have been my go-to. I always ask for an extra side of honey mustard dressing for the fries. (don't judge)

I had an amazing conversation with a new friend yesterday as I enjoyed that very meal. We even ate more chips after our main course was done. And it was a late lunch too.

I got home, and within an hour my wife asked me to start supper prep.

Oh boy.

Have you ever tried to cook when you're still full from the last meal? Like zero motivation, zero inspiration!

And why am I telling you this story?

Hunger is powerful. Not just because it drives you to eat, but when you're not hungry, it's hard to do the things that we need to be doing.

The absence of hunger is even more powerful.

Are you "not hungry" when you think about improving relationships on your team, or working on your musical skills, or getting more organized, or developing another leader, or being more prepared, creating more space for simple love and pure devotion to Jesus, or...

We all need hunger to drive us forward in those important areas. But stuff is holding us back.

So my one question is this: What is your Chili's?

I'd love to hear it!