A Three-Line Projectionist Job Description

The beloved person providing lyrics for the congregation to sing is like the silverware at a meal. I mean, you can eat the food without silverware, but it sure is a lot messier. But as vital as this role is on the worship team, it can be hard to put it into words that are clear and succinct. Here’s my shot at it:


  1. Show up early
  2. Be easy to read
  3. Inspire worship


Simple as that. Now let me unpack it a tiny.

Show up early

If you do nothing else, please have the words up before we have to take a breath to sing the line. I’ve often said “making mistakes is better than showing up late.” Of course, we work hard to avoid mistakes, but I’ll take an “occasional mis-guess” over a “consistently late” every single time. This also means “get there before everyone else so that you’re ready when needed,” but this same ethic needs to be in the core of your DNA: the words are ready (on display) before we need them.

Be easy to read

There’s a lot here. Four lines on a screen is much easier to read than six or eight. Please make your limit four lines. When you are deciding where to break a line (and don’t just let the program do it, be intentional), break it where you sing it. If you take a breath somewhere, that’s likely a good spot. And that’s right, this means that you need to be familiar with the songs – that’s one of the reasons you’re in Planning Center and we’ve loaded the songs. (bonus to all you projectionists that come to the midweek rehearsal – there’ll be extra chocolate chip cookies in heaven for you) Use clean fonts and appropriate backgrounds. For. The. Love! If it doesn’t make it easy to ready, don’t use it – simple as that. Fight the urge to say “well, I can kinda read this and it’s a familiar song…” And this one also applies to the way you relate to the rest of the team – be easy to read. Don’t make them guess what’s in your head. Communicate openly and warmly (and that goes both directions, you band people).

Inspire worship

This is really the heart of what you’re doing. This work, the preparation, the attention to detail, the “missing out on worshiping during the service,” is all so we can create spaces to meet with God. The graphics you choose have a feeling to them. Watch that you don’t just get cutesy or cheesy or christiany(?) but that the background stays IN THE BACKGROUND. Inspire worship, don’t yell “Here’s a lake!” I know, it’s a delicate line. So thanks for taking this one seriously.



ps. Now did I follow this or violate it with my choice for background? :)