TSF = Timely Specific Feedback (I dare you to do this!) (No. 116)

I recently jumped in to lead worship at a church where the worship leader was out with an emergency surgery. (I'm pretty sure the hair plugs took) 😇 

Since they record their services on video, I want to take the opportunity for us to learn about giving and receiving feedback.

Would you be willing to watch this video of me leading worship and give me feedback? Risky, I know.

If so, please give me two things that you liked best and two things that you think I should do differently next time. 

I'm telling you, learning the art of giving and receiving timely specific feedback will change your life.

I remember my coordinating teacher told me this when I was student teaching, back in college. She traded video samples of her teaching with one of her colleagues. Then they gave each other feedback. They did this for about six weeks. The results, for both of them, were remarkable. I'm eternally grateful for Stephanie's modeling of this.

Two really important disclaimers here:
  1. Please don't comment on the band. (unless you want me to pass along encouragement to them) They are innocent bystanders in this exercise. And they were fabulous!!
  2. The mix isn't necessarily what things sounded like in the room. Nobody was actively mixing this, so just listen with graceful ears.

Oh, and the track list is:
  1. Alive (I played in in D with a cut capo)
  2. You Have Won Me (this time with a regular capo in G)
  3. Death Was Arrested (because I almost always play the key of A in the G formation)
  4. Lead Me To The Cross
  5. The Same Love

So be kind, be helpful, be honest. Help me grow!


ps. If you want extra credit, you can take a look at the format we use when helping churches learn to do this. We call it "Broccoli."