What happens next is up to you

Each week, you receive this Fertilizer. It helps your thinking about worship. It equips your hands to play better. It helps you keep the main thing the main thing. It nourishes your life as a worshiper and team member.

That's our hope in giving it to you!

And yet, maybe you're a worship leader that is caught in the unrelenting cycle of leading weekly worship gatherings while managing songs, arrangements, schedules, teams, relationships, and life.

You feel the need for... 
  • A deep walk with God that’s steeped in scripture, marked by intimacy, and consecrated
  • A deep love for people (you’re a Shepherd, Launcher, Encourager, & Leader)
  • A deep understanding of music (Listener, Craftsman, Fluent in multiple musical languages)

But in spite of this, sometimes you are plagued by hints of a surface walk with God, love of people, and understanding of music. Sometimes you feel like you're a hypocrite, a professional Christian, needy, insecure, arrogant, unteachable, frenzied, angry, selfish, careless, carnal... It's not just you. We can all get there, alone.

When was the last time your prayers sounded like...

  • I need more/better team members
  • My church is in a rut
  • I get overwhelmed by details
  • I wonder if change can actually happen
  • I've been told to get training but don't want it or know where to find it
  • I hate planning (but love it when a plan comes together)
  • Do I have what it takes?
  • Am I too old/young to be a leader?

We know what it feels like. The Ad Lib Coaches are seasoned worship leaders with 5,000+ Sundays of leading experience combined. We know what it's like...

  • To lead and shepherd people when you don't feel like they like or respect you
  • To try to handle all 17 things that we handle while leading worship
  • To walk off the stage feeling like a total failure or a total fake
  • To wish like anything that you just had one good drummer
  • To collapse on the floor at the thought of planning yet another Sunday (or Christmas Eve service!)
  • To avoid having a difficult conversation with a team member for months and letting it gnaw away at your gut in the meantime
  • To feel all alone at your own church or as the lone worship leader

AND we have learned how to move forward and have helped many leaders overcome these common obstacles.


And this year can be the year of breakthrough for you and your team. We'll meet with you each month to work through our Worship Leading framework. We will help you break through the confusion and give you perspective and confidence through personalized Coaching. Plus you’ll join a Worship Leader Group to connect with other leaders that are growing through coaching – relationships that will last long after the coaching season has ended.  

If you have an Ad Lib Coach walking alongside you, we believe you will...

  • Fulfill your calling
  • Serve fruitfully
  • Enjoy happier relationships
  • Experience your congregation singing with the veins bulging
  • Be energized and more alive
  • Have a flourishing relationship with God
Sadly, we've seen many worship leaders without a coach, experience...
  • Burnout
  • Isolation
  • Long, slow death
  • "If only..." and "should"
  • Stress
  • I wish I was somewhere else
  • Things sound terrible
  • The team keeps shrinking
  • People just stand there and don't sing

Which story will be yours?

What happens next is up to you. You can start today with a free, no strings 30-minute coaching call. Just sign up for a time by clicking here.

ps. Are you wondering how much coaching costs? A single Coaching Moment is $175. Our Coaching Program is $2400 for 12 months. That can be over one year or stretched out over two years. But if you say yes, your countenance will be like Daniel's more often. :)