The Secret To Modern Piano For Worship

I'll get right to the point.

If you want to play piano in modern worship, there's one primary word to help you: LESS.

Sometime when I'm worshiping at the piano, my kids will join in. Here, Clementine was sitting on my lap...singing (read: melting her Dad's heart!) With one hand I played. The other was wrapped around her.

Two little things I'll pull from this:

  1. When you play with a band, play with only one hand most of the time
  2. When you're leading a congregation, remember moments of intimacy  like these with innocent-hearted worshipers

In simple love and pure devotion to Jesus,

ps. 📷 : 4 year old Juliana
pps. the song we were singing was the SisterBrother classic "You Are Faithful"
ppps. I cropped the big pile of laundry on the couch to make us look more "together"
pppps. The piano I'm playing was the second piano I've been given by Presbyterian churches ❤️
ppppps. If you have kids and can, please sing with them...even if it's with a recording or acapella