How Healthy Is Your Team?

As we approach the end of 2016, I encourage you to take a moment between sips of 'nog (stay tuned for a killer recipe) to reflect on the state of your team's relationships.

Use these simple questions to jumpstart your process:

  • Do you eat together? When was the last time you had a team member over for dinner?
  • How do you feel at the end of a rehearsal or service?
  • How do you hammer out arrangements as a band?
  • What does a sound check look like and how do you feel after it?
  • If you're a leader, how do you pick songs?
  • If you're a leader, how do you schedule people?
  • Do you feel connected to your pastor in your planning?
  • Describe the friendships between the band and the techs.  
  • Are you encouraged and energized to follow Christ more fully because of serving together?

One thing I'm planning on doing (and I'm telling you about it so that I follow through on my desire!) is writing a short note to each of my teammates. ​I really appreciate them so much, but it's easy to forget to verbalize that. In fact, I have alarms set on my phone to remind me to verbally affirm my team at regular intervals.

 I recently read an article called "43 Easy Ways to Recognize Your Team" from Entreleadership. It's geared toward people you work with (in your job), but many of the ideas might inspire you. Check it out here.

And to help you be the MVP of all your Christmas parties, here's the eggnog recipe I promised. It's courtesy of an old friend named Karl B. (as he wrote it):

The NOG!


5 whole eggs (throw away the shells)
½ of a ½ Gallon vanilla ice cream
1 normal size tub of frozen Coolwhip (don't lick your fingers while using it, that is not sanitary)
some Ground Nutmeg
¾ Gallon whole milk
2 Tbsp Vanilla extract
½ Cup Sugar


Beat the eggs until foamy then slowly add the sugar while beating the eggs then add 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract then slowly beat in the milk about ¾ of the gallon of milk.  Then scoop the ½ of the ice cream in small scoops into the bowl.  Then scoop the whip cream into the bowl after that sprinkle a little nutmeg on top of the NOG! for flavor.

P.S. If you don't want to make so much just shrink the recipe the other option is for you to call me and I will come over and finish drinking the rest of it.

And Merry Christmas to you! -Dave