How To Get Your Techs To Show Up Early

The audio tech is likely the most under-appreciated, yet most vital roles in a church worship service. I know the times that I've filled that role, I leave feeling like I wasn't even at church that day...there was so much to pay attention to!

Being an audio tech has two main components:

  1. Technique (the science, the art, the know-how, the ear)
  2. Attitude (the I-love-people, the I-really-care-about-the-details, the I-get-totally-stressed-out-if-I'm-not-set-up-in-time-for-when-the-band-shows-up, the is-there-anything-else-I-can-do-to-help-you-feel-more-comfortable?)

Technique is pretty easy to teach. Attitude? (exhale) Sometimes all you need is a little metaphor to help the tech understand. For example, say you have a tech who does a great job during the service, but doesn't seem to mind walking in after the band is all there. How do you help that tech know that it's immensely crucial to be all set up and ready by the time the band begins to arrive?

The band and the techs are cooking together. It's the tech's job to buy the groceries. How does it feel if you show up, ready to cook together, but the groceries aren't bought yet?

Oh crap!

That's right. Nobody looks forward to waiting while you go to the store. (aka set up)

Something as simple as that can help explain why it's the tech's job to be there early enough to have everything ready. You're welcome.

Oh, and worship leader, make sure you give your tech a grocery list so they show up with what you expected. (You're welcome, techs.)


(Part of why I like this analogy is that it reinforces the fact that the techs and the musicians are on ONE team. Sure, they stand in different spots, but it doesn’t matter whether you’re putting the bread into the oven or taking it out…both are vital to an amazing bready experience. Coffee anyone?)