Be Together*

Be Together. What if this was the banner over your music and tech teams? Not likely the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about church tech and music teams, is it? We more likely think of these when we consider our production values for weekend gatherings:

Be Better.

Be Excellent.

Be Unique.

Be Relevant.

Be Bigger.

Be Amazing.

Be Passionate.

Be Inspired.

“Be Together” looks a bit like the youngest, smallest brother of the big, obvious choices above. But being the “David” of the group may be just what God has in mind.

Be Together is context. None of us work in a vacuum. Oh, we may just turn knobs and slide faders in a booth in the back of the sanctuary, or pick songs in our office, or edit a video testimony in our favorite coffee shop but, the very nature of Gathered Worship (our Sunday services), is...together. It’s when the church comes together, where we have a shared experience, meet together with the Lord, get encouraged by the fellow disciples.

We contend that every little piece of what goes into creating, planning, rehearsing, executing, and evaluating those experiences of being together should share that DNA. Be Together.

Together in vision.

Together in style.

Together in theme.

Together in systems.

Together in values.

Together in vocabulary.

Together in expectations.

Together in relationships.

Together in diversity.

Together in tempo.

Together in hue.

Together in spirit.

Together in truth.

Be Together.

*Be Together was the subtitle of the 2012 Clear Conference. I still have the t-shirt. And I still wear it.