We Need Hills

Over the winter, I'd been riding my stationary bike. It gave me time to watch teaching videos on my iPad while getting some much needed exercise.

I got the bike for free on Craigslist, so it's a pretty simple bike. I can raise or lower the resistance by two up/down buttons on the handles. But I treat those level buttons like your average rookie church sound guy - I set it and forget it. (but that's for a different Fertilizer)

I keep it one manageably consistent level.

My wife recently reminded me that I also own a real bike. Like one you can ride outside. Ooh, that does sound nice, I thought. So I headed out for a ride.

The area around our home (and most of Lancaster County) is very hilly. I was struggling up a particularly persistent hill on West Ridge Road and I thought to myself (and the cows I was passing) “I would never push myself this hard on the stationary bike!

That's when I realized that we need hills.

There are seasons where we need to steadily plod along on our path, but hills push us in ways that are out of our comfort and strength zone. Look, I'm not a natural gym rat or runner or Crossfit junkie. I will stay with what's comfortable and manageable.

We all tend to do that in some area. That's why we need hills.

So what would be a hill in your ministry?

  • Memorizing the music? 
  • Having a difficult conversation with a team member? 
  • Getting your desk organized by Thursday? 
  • Keeping it organized for more than 3 days? 
  • Learning modern techniques on the piano? 
  • Creating ambient sounds on your electric guitar? 
  • Playing with a click? 
  • Planning further than 38 minutes before rehearsal starts? 
  • Spending an hour practicing before arriving at rehearsal? 
  • Praying for 22 minutes a day? 
  • Worshiping alone when you're not planning your songs? 
  • Scheduling a month in advance? 
  • Learning to transpose? 
  • Mentoring a new worship leader? 
  • Improving your ability to sing harmonies? 
  • Learning some hymns? 
  • Holding your team member accountable for showing up late? 
  • Losing those 35 pounds? 
  • Turning your phone off on evenings and weekends? 
  • Staying off social media when you're supposed to be working? 
  • Looking into your spouse's eyes when he/she is talking to you?  

I mean, your hill can be anything. But if you're currently on a hill, be encouraged by this: It's pure joy! So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing. (James 1:4 NLT)

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