Lean Into Your Community

My wife was getting into the “White Whale” (the affectionate name for our minivan) to take the kids to our homeschool co-op. She was feeling under the weather but was pushing herself to go anyway.

“Lean into your community,” I said to her as I closed her door. In the three hours of this co-op, she teaches one class, assists in a second class, and finally has a mom’s support group for the third hour. I thought she could have her fellow moms carry some weight since she wasn’t feeling great.

As I walked back into the house, that phrase lingered in my mind… “Lean into your community.” I thought about all the worship leaders and teams who will be planning to serve their congregations this weekend—choosing songs, thinking of segues, crafting arrangements, practicing parts, learning songs, investing in prayer.

We do so much on our own. Solo.

We push through our feelings and situations. We trudge. Our teams trudge. We have moments of brilliant revelation and exhilarating creativity and find “the perfect song!!” We hit…or miss.

But what would it look like if, as a habit, we would lean into our community? If we would ask for help.

“Hi Sean, listen, man. I’m trying to get some songs together for this week, but I’m stuck! I have three, but I need two more. (or I have 15 and need to whittle down) Can you give me some suggestions? Have any songs been running through you this week?”

“Hi Greta, I’m feeling heavy about this situation I’m in and am having a hard time getting myself ready for leading this weekend. Can you pray with me?”

“What’s up, John? Can we get together about 45 minutes before rehearsal and get creative with the arrangement on the new song for this week?”

“Hey Pat, I’ve been leading the last seven weeks and was wondering if you would lead next weekend. I could help you with the planning and stuff, but I think it’d be great to have you lead. You into it?”

“Hey Sarah, can you lead the devotional at rehearsal this week? I’d love for you to bring something from your quiet times to share with us!”

“Hi Pete, I’m not sure what to do with the recordings for the songs. I mean, I get that we’re supposed to listen to them before rehearsal. It’s just I don’t know how I’m supposed to use them. Can you help me?”

“Hey Felix, I’m drummerless this weekend. Does your church have someone you could loan me for the weekend?”

You get the idea. Don’t solo. Combo.

“May the God of steadfastness and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen." – Romans 15:5-6